Wildest Memes: 22 Memorable Music Tweets From 2016

Social media has never seemed as dangerous as it does today. At the risk of getting too political in a silly post about memes, this is a year that saw a petty tyrant who fires off tweets about how Hamilton is overrated at 6AM ascend to our country’s highest office. Trump’s Twitter presence is entertaining, sure, but it’s also terrifying, and social media in general has increasingly become an echo chamber of self-congratulation and misinformation.

That said, it wasn’t all bad! Social media taketh away, and social media giveth. This year on Twitter, Azealia Banks got banned, beefs were had, memes were posted, and Kanye was somehow at the center of a million different tweetstorms. If you want to be reminded that Twitter can be a force for good, or at least funny, please find our list of 22 memorable music tweets from 2016 below. And if you’re still not convinced, just follow Hillary’s advice and delete your account.

22. Cher is Cher

21. Lorde eats an apple in the club

20. 311 TRUTH NOW

19-18. The Smith kids love Michael Cera

17. Diplo keeps it real

16. Paul McCartney is a real crowd-pleaser

15-14. Vince Staples is exceedingly reasonable

13. Kim Gordon denies getting bit by a coyote at Whole Foods

12. B.o.B asks the hard-hitting questions

11. Ty Segall makes things better

10. Mom drags them

9-8. Smash Mouth really love indie music

7. Prince was Prince

6-3. Liam Gallagher calls Noel Gallagher a potato

2. Kanye West puts Wiz Khalifa in his place

Kanye West

1. Ariana Grande lives her cute, drama free life