CupcakKe – “Hot Pockets”

It’s typically notable when an artist puts out an album and then just keeps releasing new songs in the subsequent months. But the beloved Chicago rapper CupcakKe is always busy, always prolific. Her latest full-length, Ephorize, came out in January, less than a full year after its predecessor Queen Elizabitch. Since then, CupcakKe has stayed on brand and released gleefully raunchy videos for tracks like “Duck Duck Goose” and “Spoiled Milk Titties.” Amidst all that, she also offered a new single in the form of “Quiz,” which ranked as one of our favorite songs that week.

After all that, CupcakKe doesn’t seem to be slowing down. Last week, she began teasing yet another new single called “Hot Pockets” on Instagram and Twitter. And now the latest from CupcakKe is officially out in the world.

Part of the reason CupcakKe’s won so many people over is, of course, her personality, whether it’s her hilarious Twitter profile or the effortlessly charismatic presence she brings to her songs. “Hot Pockets” is instantly lovable thanks to the latter distinction — over a straightforward beat, CupcakKe raps rapidly and dexterously throughout, displaying that breathless energy that often makes her work memorable. Check it out below.

“Hot Pockets” is out now.

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