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The 5 Best Videos Of The Week

Their new video is not on this week’s list, but I’d just like to include a special open letter to the Chainsmokers and Kelsea Ballerini: You made a video where you’re tortured motocross stunt drivers, having emotional lip-syncing breakdowns before jumping your bikes. That is a ridiculous thing to do. I see you, and I appreciate you. This week’s picks are below.

5. Randall Dunn – “A True Home” (Feat. Zola Jesus) (Dir. Mu Tunç)

This looks like a catalog shoot for a renaissance-faire-inspired mall fashion outlet, or like a deleted montage from a Game Of Thrones episode. I miss Game Of Thrones.

4. Mashmello – “Together” (Dir. Toby Wosskow)

We students of Marshmelloology have always had so many questions. Where does Marshmello come from? Is there a Marshmello culture? We knew from previous videos that he had Marshmello parents, but we didn’t know much about his broader context. As it turns out, Marshmello had similar questions! And those questions have answers! But this video also raises questions of its own. For instance: Marshmello is in high school? Also: How does Marshmello eat?

3. Sir Babygirl – “Haunted House” (Dir. Eli Raskin)

Nobody tells you that, when you get older, your friends stop magically materializing in your bedroom, or that you stop doing emotionally cathartic dance routines with them. You miss it, you know?

2. Oh Sees – “Enrique El Cobrador” (Dir. Alexis Giroux)

Animated indie rock videos are usually bad. Animated indie rock videos that play out as gory, phantasmagoric cosmic operas, on the other hand, are a completely different story.

1. The Chemical Brothers – “Free Yourself” (Dir. DOM&NIC)

The moment where the beat first drops and those robots start dancing is one of the purest rushes of music-video glee I’ve felt in a long time.