Hear The Beastie Boys Interviewed By Marc Maron On WTF

This past fall, surviving Beastie Boys members Michael Diamond and Adam Horovitz — Mike D and the King Ad-Rock — published their Beastie Boys Book, a massive tome that I am very much hoping to get for Christmas. They have been out on the promo circuit for the past few months, heading out on a high-profile book tour and pimping their wares on The Tonight Show. But the most intriguing stop on that whole promo road, at last from where I’m sitting, happened when Diamond and Horovitz stopped by Marc Maron’s garage.

Maron, of course, is one of our greatest interviewers, whether he’s talking to one of his fellow stand-up comics or some big movie star. He almost never talks to two people at the same time, and he almost never talks to anyone associated with rap music, so he was a bit out of his comfort zone, but it’s an essential listen all the same.

I’m still less than halfway into the long, freeform conversation, but I’ve already heard plenty of sincerity from Diamond and plenty of elusive trickster shit from Horovitz. But Maron has managed to get good stories about New York in the wild ’70s era and the young Beasties’ discovery of hardcore and rap. You can hear the interview here.