Stream Baroness’ New Album Gold & Grey

Since 2007, howling metal archmages Baroness have cranked out four colossal albums — all essential listening, all named after colors. In that time, Baroness have been through some things: Location changes, lineup changes, changes in the underground music atmosphere, one harrowing bus crash. They haven’t just survived through all that; they’ve thrived, sounding grander and more majestic with each album. This Friday, they’ll release the fifth album in what they’ve called their chromatic series. It’ll be their last.

To be clear: Baroness aren’t breaking up, at least as far as we know. They’re just moving on from that chromatic series, and it’ll be extremely weird if and when they start naming albums after things other than colors. But they’re going out strong. This week, Baroness will release the surging, pummeling, dynamic Gold & Grey. The band recorded the new album with the great psychedelic rock producer Dave Fridmann, who also did their last album, 2015’s Purple. And it’s also the first album that they’ve recorded with new guitarist Gina Gleason, who is just lights out here.

Grey & Gold is an ambitious work, sprawling over an hour and featuring a ton of changes in atmosphere, mood, speed, and basic genre. But the whole thing steamrolls. And there are hooks here; these are songs that could get played on the radio in the parallel universe where rock radio hasn’t just completely given up. We’ve already posted the early tracks “Borderlines,” “Seasons,” and “Throw Me An Anchor.” And right now, you can steam the entire album at NPR.

Gold & Grey is out 6/14 on Abraxan Hymns. Pre-order it here.

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