Watch The Trailer For Amazon’s Meek Mill Documentary Free Meek

Late in 2017, the Philadelphia judge Genece Brinkley sentenced rap star Meek Mill to two to four years in prison for violating his probation. Meek’s probation had dated back to when he was 19, and it wasn’t the first time he was sent to prison for violating it. But this time, it seemed especially petty and insignificant, and the story caught fire. Meek became a symbol for criminal justice reform, and he was released a few months later. Home from prison, Meek became a vocal advocate for prison reform. Just in the past few months, he’s been given his own day in Philadelphia, and he’s helped introduce a reform bill. Meanwhile, Philly’s District Attorney Larry Krasner has said that Meek should get a new judge and trial. This saga, still ongoing, has been a hell of a story, and a new documentary will tell that story.

Jay-Z produced the new documentary Free Meek, which will begin streaming on Amazon Prime later this summer. (Jay appears in the doc, too.) Deadline reports that Free Meek will be a five-episode limited series, and it will get into the particulars of Meek’s case, including his original arrest. And it’ll also talk about the systemic corruption that sends so many young men like Meek — virtually none of whom have Meek’s resources — to prison.

The trailer for Free Meek debuted during last night’s BET Awards. You can watch it below.

Free Meek debuts on Amazon Prime 8/9.

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