The 5 Best Videos Of The Week

The 5 Best Videos Of The Week

Our resident music video expert Tom Breihan is away on vacation so you’ve got me, Ryan, filling in for him this time around. Don’t worry, he will be back soon. Until then, this week’s picks are below.

5. Black Marble – “One Eye Open” (Dir. Chris Stewart And Ben Pier)

Maybe it’s the long aesthetic shadow of Drive hanging over this decade, but pairing artfully tweaked footage of Los Angeles and blurry synth-pop just works.

4. The Highwomen – “Redesigning Women” (Dir. Elizabeth Olmstead)

If you’re going to introduce your supergroup of big-name female singer-songwriters with a video for a song called “Redesigning Women,” you could do a lot worse than a clip of those four songwriters driving a firetruck into an open field and throwing a bonfire party with a bunch of other big-name female singer-songwriters.

3. Sam Smith – “How Do You Sleep?” (Dir. Grant Singer)

Look, say what you will about Sam Smith’s music, but do you know how many found-footage or tour-scrapbook videos came out this week? Sometimes you just need a big-budget pop video with good choreography.

2. Katie Dey – “dissolving” (Dir. John TerEick And Dakota Sillyman)

Katie Dey’s “dissolving” is a ghostly whisper of a song — altered and fading in and out of view, as if enacting the song’s title. The accompanying clip does the same, depicting a woman disappearing into nature, the video itself glitching and breaking down. It’s a perfectly moving and haunting visual companion.

1. Travis Scott – “WAKE UP” (Dir. Jonah Hill)

Not too much happens in Travis Scott’s video for “WAKE UP,” which is also the latest foray into music video direction from Jonah Hill. But, when your whole concept is Scott walking around a mansion full of dead people, periodically levitating, and shooting it all in stark black and white, you don’t really need much else to happen.

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