Stream Devon Welsh’s New Album True Love

Stream Devon Welsh’s New Album True Love

Majical Cloudz broke up in 2016, and since, then, former singer Devon Welsh has been releasing similarly spare, vulnerable, and hypnotic music on his own. (He has also said that he believes the sexual assault allegations against Matthew Otto, his old partner in Majical Cloudz.) Since 2016, Welsh has released two solo albums, Down The Mountain and Dream Songs. This week, he’ll release another.

Welsh’s new solo album True Love is coming out on Friday. We’ve already posted the early songs “Faces,” “War,” and “Somebody Loves You.” Today, we get to hear that album in full, and it’s exactly the sort of exposed-nerve bedroom music that Welsh has been giving us since we first encountered him.

Welsh’s sound is built from synthesizers, but you can’t really call it synthpop, since there’s nothing pop about it. Instead, it’s Welsh singing about deeply engrained fears and hopes and longings, all in a startlingly clear and straightforward voice, like the kind of person who never breaks eye contact no matter how heavy the conversation gets. Even after years of this, it’s still a striking and almost startling approach. Stream True Love below, via The FADER, where you can also read a new interview with Welsh.

True Love is out 10/11 on Welsh’s own label You Are Accepted.

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