Caroline Polachek – “Look At Me Now”

At the end of this week, Caroline Polachek is releasing the first solo album under her own name, Pang. The former Chairlift member has put out a good handful of tracks from it already — “Door,” “Parachute,” “Ocean Of Tears,” and “So Hot You’re Hurting My Feelings” — and today she’s sharing another new song called “Look At Me Now.”

It’s a twinkly acoustic ballad, Polachek’s voice lightly digitized as she turns what’s usually a cocky phrase into a tender call for recognition. “You can’t look at me now/ I haven’t changed, I’m still the same,” she sings in the chorus. “But you can’t look at me now/ A hand grenade to throw away.” Polacheck co-wrote the song with As Tall As Lions’ Dan Nigro.

“Look At Me Now’ is the ‘diary entry’ of the album,” Polachek said in a statement. “I wrote it last year while processing a mix of guilt, self-destructiveness, and hope. I’ve never really worked with acoustic guitar before, and in ‘Look At Me Now’ it’s an umbilical connection to the Lilith-Fair-era artists I grew up listening to, like Jewel and Sarah McLaughlan, who’s wistfully adult lyrics I pretended to understand at the time and now do.”

Listen below.

Pang is out 10/18 via Columbia.