Kanye West Makes Surprise Kimmel Appearance To Promote Jesus Is King, Then Says That He’s Still “Fixing Mixes” On It

Kanye West Makes Surprise Kimmel Appearance To Promote Jesus Is King, Then Says That He’s Still “Fixing Mixes” On It

What, you thought the new Kanye West album would be out when Kanye West said it would be out? No. No no no. That’s not how this works. Kanye West has been working on his gospel album Jesus Is King for a while now, and he’s already blown past two release dates. Earlier this week, West claimed that Jesus Is King would be out Thursday night at midnight. He seemed serious. He unveiled a tracklist and everything. But as I type this, it is 8:52 on Friday morning, and Jesus Is King is still not out.

Late last night — an hour and 18 minutes after West said that Jesus Is King would be out — West jumped on Twitter to claim that he and his team were still “fixing mixes” on three specific Jesus Is King tracks (“Everything We Need,” “Follow God,” and “Water”). He also wrote, “We not going to sleep until this album is out!” He must be tired!

Meanwhile, Def Jam, West’s label, would like to counsel you on certain virtues.

Yesterday, presumably when he was still planning to release Jesus Is King at midnight, West dropped in on his old buddy, Spongebob-looking Jimmy Kimmel. Kimmel was taping one of his Jimmy Kimmel Live episodes in Brooklyn, and he had a pretty stacked show: Eddie Murphy, the Sugar Hill Gang, a comedy bit with his competitor Jimmy Fallon. But Kimmel still carved seven minutes out of the show to talk to West about Jesus Is King. Kimmel announced that West would be on the following night to perform. We’ll see! He also gave West the opportunity to say that Jesus Is King is out “now.” No! It’s not!

West also took the opportunity to do some preaching. One quote: “I have now given my life to Jesus Christ, and I work for God. Now, we have Christian innovation in our time. There was a time when the Medici family and all the greatest artists did work for the church.” Another: “I feel that God is using me and using the choir, using my family, to show off.” West also tried to get Dave Johnson, recent winner of a $298 million lottery jackpot, to get in on a land deal with him. (Johnson was sitting in the audience, and Kimmel seemed to think this was pretty funny.) Here’s West’s appearance:

Jesus Is King will presumably be out sometime. Or maybe not! Remember when Kanye West would finish his albums before their release dates?

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