Duster – “Copernicus Crater”

Duster established quite a legacy for themselves with their two albums, 1998’s Stratosphere and 2000’s Contemporary Movement, before disappearing for almost two decades. They re-emerged late last year to play some reunion shows and this year they put out a box set compiling all of their songs so far, Capsule Losing Contact.

Earlier this month, we found out that Duster were gearing up to release their first new album in almost 20 years, also called Duster. Per a tracklist on Apple Music, it doesn’t contain the previously released one-off “Interstellar Tunnel,” but today they’ve revealed its first single, “Copernicus Crater.” It’s a drowsy, hypnotic track, melodic guitars snaking up through a smoky layer of fuzz. Phrases stick out like voices through some radio static: “You can’t find your place in this world/ You don’t belong here…” It’s a welcomely assured return from a band that you wouldn’t expect to make a comeback, and you can listen to it below.

01 “Copernicus Crater”
02 “I’m Lost”
03 “Chocolate And Mint”
04 “Summer War”
05 “Lomo”
06 “Damaged”
07 “Letting Go”
08 “Go Back”
09 “Hoya Paranoia”
10 “Ghoulish”
11 “Ghost World”
12 “The Thirteen”

Duster is out 12/13 via Muddguts. Pre-order it here.

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