The Chainsmokers Are Producing A TV Drama About An Indie Rocker Who Starts Writing Pop Songs

The Chainsmokers are coming to a TV near you. Well, maybe. The pop duo have signed on as executive producers for a new series that’s in development at Freeform called Demo, which will follow an indie rocker who abandons her failing rock band to start writing pop songs.

“Though at first she’s eager to shed her past, she soon discovers that the best songs tell the deepest truths — if only she can find the strength to tell hers” is how The Hollywood Reporter puts it. So songs like “Closer,” I guess. Or that one about listening to Beach House that wasn’t actually about listening to Beach House.

This isn’t the Chainsmokers first foray into the TV/movie world. Last year, it was reported that they were producing a movie based on their song “Paris.” Unclear whether that’s still moving forward. Best of luck to you, Chainsmokers. Here are some recommendations if you need help figuring out what to produce next!