Disclosure – “Etran” & “Get Close”

Disclosure – “Etran” & “Get Close”

Another day, another Disclosure song. In 2018, the duo did this thing where they released five new songs over the course of five days. And now, it seems like they’re doing it again this week.

On Monday, we got the Aquarian Dream-sampling “Ecstasy.” On Tuesday, we got “Tondo” sampling Cameroonian musician Eko Roosevelt. Yesterday, we got the Boz Scaggs-inspired “Expressing What Matters.” And today, there’s more.

The Disclosure song du jour, “Etran,” is one again built around a sample — this time of the Afrobeat stylings of the Niger-based band Etran Finatawa. Listen below.

UPDATE: Disclosure have shared the final song of their five-song set, “Get Close,” and have released all five songs they put out in one EP called Ecstasy. Listen to both below:

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