Watch Angel Olsen Debut Two Gorgeous New Songs In Her Still At Home Livestream Show

Watch Angel Olsen Debut Two Gorgeous New Songs In Her Still At Home Livestream Show

Like a lot of musicians, Angel Olsen has been keeping herself busy while under quarantine by posting videos of herself playing solo-acoustic at home. This past weekend, Olsen took that to the next logical step: She played a full 18-song live show from her house. Olsen sold tickets to watch the show as it was happening, and those tickets raised money for the members of Olsen’s touring band and crew and for the MusiCares COVID-19 Relief Fund.

During that set, Olsen, switching back and forth between guitar and piano, played songs from across her discography, as well as covers of Roxy Music and Bruce Springsteen classics. And she debuted two new songs — one on guitar, one on piano. Before playing both songs, Olsen said that she’d do her best to get them right, and she ends one by saying, “I don’t have an ending yet.” Both were absolutely lovely.

Olsen puts a whole lot of work into her production, both on her records and in her live shows. So it had to be tough to play these songs for an invisible audience while her dad tried to FaceTime and a dog barked in the background. But Olsen’s voice is an incredible instrument in any context. Someone has ripped some of the performances from that livestream to YouTube. Below, you can watch the two new songs, as well as “All Mirrors,” “Sans,” “Pops,” and Olsen’s cover of Roxy Music’s “More Than This.”

You can donate to the MusiCares COVID-19 Relief Fund here.

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