Neil Young Says “We Have To Deal With Our White Insecurities,” Hopes Stacey Abrams Will Be VP

Rock legend and longtime activist Neil Young has spent the past few months in quarantine, sharing occasional videos of himself playing “fireside session” live shows around his house. But after the past few weeks of widespread protests against police brutality, Young has spoken up. This past weekend, Young wrote a reflective post on his Neil Young archives site. He started off talking about washing dishes, and then he got into a few optimistic thoughts about the way white people in America have to do things differently.

Young writes:

Have hope. I feel a change. Although it could get a lot worse, the pandemic that is, I think we will all learn together. Some of us will get sick, especially those of us who protested, their families, those of us who care and feel. We know black lives matter. My heart goes out to all the black families affected, so that’s all the black families through American history. I feel like we are turning a corner. All together, all colors on the street. We know our mission is the right one for America and mankind.

As an old white guy, I don’t feel threatened by my black brother. I welcome him and his sisters. We have to deal with our white insecurities. I don’t feel any of those insecurities myself, (I have my own in other places). I will stand with my black brother. I want a better world for us all together. A safe world with respect for our wonderful differences. And there are differences.

Young endorsed Bernie Sanders for president and played a Sanders digital rally in March, but he seems to be fully on the Biden train now. In that post, he says that he thinks “Barack Obama’s white brother” will be the next president, and he’s hoping that Biden will pick Stacey Abrams, the former Georgia congresswoman and gubernatorial candidate, as his running mate. Here’s what he writes:

Whether you think Barack Obama’s white brother can handle this situation or not, he will likely be our new leader, bringing compassion and empathy back to the Whitehouse. May the Great Spirit be with you Joe Biden. I hope his new president will be Stacy [sic] Abrams, but I will take whoever he chooses. Stacy is my favorite from a good group of candidates. May the Great Spirit be with Joe Biden on his choices.

You can read Young’s post here. Also, on Instagram last week, Biden called for police reform and posted a video of himself playing his 1970 anti-racist classic “Southern Man.”

I wonder if Young has heard Inter Arma’s recent “Southern Man” cover.