There’s No Easy Way To Say This, But Yungblud Mashed Up Taylor Swift’s “Cardigan” With Avril Lavigne’s “I’m With You”

People are out here acting like fucking fools in the BBC Live Lounge. The UK radio institution reopened recently, and the stars are now coming through a much larger space to try out their covers of their peers’ songs. Just this month, Miley Cyrus has turned Billie Eilish’s “my future” into a sarcastic torch song, and Biffy Clyro have done an ironic noise-rock take on “WAP.” And now we’ve got Yungblud up in there, doing unspeakable things. Maybe the good people at the BBC should close that bitch back up again.

You already know Yungblud. He’s the bad-at-spelling UK pop-rock kid who looks like something that a hung-over Hot Topic break room vomited up in 2005, and he’s already responsible for mauling songs from Death Cab For Cutie (with Halsey) and Oasis (with Machine Gun Kelly). In the Live Lounge, though, it was just Yungblud and a string section (If you don’t know Yungblud, our own Chris DeVille has written this handy guide. Go ahead! Dive in! Everything sucks anyway!)

In his own recent Live Lounge visit, Yungblud did the sensitive-acoustic-guitar-guy thing, while still dressing like a stupid child’s idea of a late-period Tim Burton character. Yungblud covered Taylor Swift’s recent hit “Cardigan,” and he mashed it up with Avril Lavigne’s 2002 power ballad “I’m With You.” Yungblud did the yeah-ee-yays and everything. If you’re feeling strong, you can watch it below.

Someone, please invent a time machine, so that we can go back six months and show this to Aaron Dessner. I just want to watch his face.