Grimes Unveils Gnarly Full Back Tattoo

Grimes Unveils Gnarly Full Back Tattoo

Grimes likes the idea of body modification. A couple of years ago, Grimes claimed that she’d had experimental eye surgery, getting parts of her eyes removed so that she couldn’t see blue light. This was almost certainly a joke. A few months ago, after Lil Uzi Vert got a giant pink diamond embedded in his forehead, Grimes suggested that the two of them get matching brain chips implanted. That was probably a joke, too. But Grimes is not joking about her new full-back tattoo.

Posting a photo of her backpiece last night, Grimes noted that “it’ll be red for a few wks , but gna be beautiful alien scars.” She got some new ink on her wrist too.

Grimes’ back tat was designed by the Hundred Waters member Nusi Quero and the tattoo artist @tweakd, who posted more photos of the tattoo on Instagram.

In an Instagram story, Quero called the tattoo “a courageous and beautiful decision and Talisman she will carry with her from here forward, an armor, a spectral field that will affect and protect her in ways unknown but no doubt with a benevolence of some kind.” Quero continued:

@tweakd drew the base shapes on an iPad and then emailed me the image file. I turned it into 3D geometry, selected vertices on the shape, and guided and grew the embellishments along and around the shapes that he laid down first with a series of procedural operators (math rules) in a way that I felt spoke to his shapes, and @grimes.

I then sent it back to him as a png overlay and etc etc and they went in on it immediately full on 1 take 1 session! Aah


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I think it looks cool.

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