Shut Up, Dude: This Week’s Best And Worst Comments

Shut Up, Dude: This Week’s Best And Worst Comments

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#10  thegue
Score:28 | Apr 26th

Billy Ocean’s “Get Outta My Dreams, Get Into My Car” top YouTube official music video comments:

1. This is the most upbeat song about kidnapping I’ve ever heard. =0)

2. Fun fact: There is no backseat in his car. More like, Get out of my dreams, and into my trunk…

3. 4:13 pov: a swagger duck has a seizure at a Billy Joel performance

4. This is called stranger danger today.

5. People in windowless vans in school zones be like: 0:18

6. And somehow that is exactly what my girl did was get out of my dreams and get into my car. 13 years later I love her even more than I did when we first met.

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#9  Mr. Plow
Score:29 | Apr 23rd

RIP Shock G. I’m gonna go get busy in a Burger King Bathroom in his memory.

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#8  scorpio516
Score:29 | Apr 23rd

For MJ’s #1, he was also #1 for a week on the R&B charts and for the second week a future Hot 100 #1 was R&B #1.

But I’m going to skip ahead to March 17, 1991

Starting March 17, 91, Digital Underground and Greg James “Shock G” had the #1 rap single for 5 weeks. It also hit #11 on the pop chart and #7 R&B

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#7  log
Score:30 | Apr 26th

“On the other hand, the show also looks extremely fun, and if I was in New York and fully vaccinated, I probably would’ve been there. Sometimes, it simply needs to be set off.”

Sorry, but it struck me as odd seeing this at the end of the article after seeing a couple examples of some pretty racist (or, at the least, racially-insensitive) comments (and a shirt) made by people involved with this show.

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#6  Jeff Buc-lee
Score:31 | Apr 26th

I was gonna say “All the Small Things” but this works too

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#5  kenneth1
Score:32 | Apr 28th

Graphic design is her passion.

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#4  mt58
Score:33 | Apr 23rd

A Friday Sidebar

Smarter people than me might call it “an existential crisis.”

Very late on Tuesday, I was blissfully hacking away, trying to code this past Wednesday’s wacky Astleyesque crossword puzzle. It was somewhere around 39 Down where I hit the wall and found myself thinking:

“What am I doing?

Come on. I’m sitting a desk at 3:20 in the morning, trying to coerce Donald Fagen and Michael Jackson into an ersatz collab? “OK, let’s go, you two. Form that six letter stack.” And then, I’ll just foist all of this weirdness on a certain forum of completely innocent folks who accidently started meeting up about three years ago. (And, believe me, I am super-aware: nobody ever asked me to.)

Anyway, the answer to my self-posed question might be the same for many of you. There is scant little else that I can do to pay back the literal hundreds of kindnesses that our accidental community has given me over the past few years.

Brigit paid me a humongously kind compliment on Wednesday when she asked, “is there anything that you can’t do?” Well, the list is almost endless. The fact is, I can’t help you move this weekend. I can’t bring you soup because you’re home with the flu. I can’t give you a few bucks so that you can replace the dangerously bald tires on your car. I can’t put a hand on your shoulder when you’re having a rough time, take you out for a coffee, and try to cheer you up. Statistically speaking: none of that is likely to ever to happen.

To those of you who gave such kind responses about the Wednesday bit: I can’t thank you enough. I appreciated every kind comment, and I was elated that such a ridiculous endeavor was able to generate a few smiles out there on the interwebs. So, in absence of assisting with the unpacking your stuff, bringing you some homemade chicken and rice, fixing your car, or being a real-life friend when you’re feeling down, I’m limited do whatever lameness I can pull off around here. I know it’s next to zero, but it’s what I’ve got, and for those of you that like it, it’s for you.

Like the soup, rest assured that it’s made with love.

Have a nice, safe weekend. Please be careful, take good care of yourselves and each other…

and good on you all.

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#3  Lee Chesnut
Score:37 | Apr 23rd

Peaking at #10 behind Michael Jackson was the title track from what I consider to be the greatest pop-metal/hair band album of all time: “Hysteria.” This one gets a 10 from me.

You know what’s remarkable about the majority of Def Leppard hits? The pre-choruses are more potent than the actual choruses. Take a listen to 1983’s “Photograph” (another 10), a song that might have the greatest pre-chorus of all time!

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#2  ozcorp
Score:38 | Apr 26th

Meanwhile, at the not quite folk side of town . . . 
Tracy Chapman released the debut album named after her. An outlier in a scene where synth and dance pop dominated the charts, it would end up being one of the most surprising hits of the year. The album opens with “talkin’ bout a Revolution”, which is “a good introduction to who she is and what she’s saying” said David Kershenbaum, the album’s producer. He ended with the job after many others turned her down. Focusing on bringing her voice and social and political lyrics to the front of the songs, he kept the arrangements simple and even in one song -“Behind the Wall”- kept the recording a cappella. The album is a mix of defiantly optimistic big-scale political statements, grim and knowing urban stories plus her idealism and certain naivité. In a record full of highlights, “Fast Car”, is my favorite, a heartbreaking song of a trapped city life with dreams of escape that are always just barely beyond reach. The song (and she) would reach a massive audience when she performed at Nelson Mandela’s birthday, a couple of months later.  
To those who were looking for something different, and that turned out to be a lot of people, Tracy Chapman was an example of the innovation happening outside the industry, and a very welcome one.

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#1  321letsjam
Score:44 | Apr 27th


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#5  justin_timberwolf
Score:-8 | Apr 28th

Everybody is eligible for a Covid vaccine right now, and I doubt the vigorous teenagers thru mid-40s crowd gathered here has anything to worry about with Covid any more than it would the flu or lightning strikes or NYC street crime. Plus, this is a free country where people should be able to take their own risks, and if these folks are truly vulnerable and want to risk their health for this music, that is not a public issue to me.

The destruction of the park via unauthorized vehicles, amps, and stages is the problem here. Not cool! (Although I could just be speaking as the spouse of a Parks & Rec professional.)

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#4  kidkruschev
Score:-8 | Apr 27th

Guilt by association is such an antiquated way of thinking. Grow up. She isn’t a Tesla employee. She’s an artist and a musician.

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#3  kidkruschev
Score:-8 | Apr 27th

If you crawl into a pink box to do an interview, you aren’t being made, you’re getting a paycheck. Blame the journalist for having no self respect if that’s the way you see it.

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#2  Tom Breihan
Score:-13 | Apr 26th

I’m not editing the post. I like Madball and would like to see them live.

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#1  Beef
Score:-27 | Apr 27th

Of course is happier, must have took Adele’s advice to lose some weight.

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Score:28 | Apr 28th

Lana Del Lizard Wizard

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