Shut Up, Dude: This Week’s Best And Worst Comments

Shut Up, Dude: This Week’s Best And Worst Comments

Happy 50th anniversary to What’s Going On, happy 24th anniversary to OK Computer, and happy release day to Sour. Legends only.


#10  dansolo
Score:29 | May 14th

Weezer fans were right that this album sucked, but Rivers was also right that Weezer fans are little bitches. Consolation prize: “Island in the Sun” goes in the pop rock pantheon and we’re all better for it.

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#9  Fishhead
Score:29 | May 14th

It has become obvious by looking at the Hot 100 in the late 80’s that pop artists usually hit number one with their ballads, not their uptempo numbers. It’s also true that when a rock band did top the charts (which wasn’t very often) it was usually with a ballad too. That is the case here. I know there may be some who’ll decry this song as Cheap Trick selling out, cashing in on the prevailing rock band does a ballad trend, but I fell for this song the first time I saw the video, so much so I went out and bought the album. It’s crafted much better then some of the power ballads we will soon run into. The opening with the lightly strummed acoustic guitar pulls you right in. The keys chime in nicely, complimenting the guitar. Bun E. Carlos’s drumming is tastefully restrained. Rick Nelson lays down a very effective solo. Robin Zander sings with drama and emotion. It all works for me. 9.

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#8  vails
Score:30 | May 19th

Briefly emerging, cicada-like, from a posting hiatus to say that “Rock Your Baby” remains the single biggest musical revelation that this column has given to me. Thank you, Ex Ed, wherever you are.

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#7  Legeis
Score:30 | May 19th

Tom likes yesterdays snooze fest more than he likes this energetic song.

I have to be honest…I can’t roll with that.

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#6  Lee Chesnut
Score:32 | May 17th

So thrilled so see Tom award a 10 to “Pour Some Sugar On Me”.
I’d personally rank it among the very greatest #2 songs of all time, surpassed only by “Baker Street”, “I’m Not In Love”, “What Have I Done To Deserve This” and “The Rubberband Man”.

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#5  Guy K
Score:33 | May 19th

I am sitting down to write this entry having not seen Tom’s review or his grade for “Roll With It” yet. I don’t have to. I know he hates it. He tipped his hand in virtual 1986 by panning Steve Winwood’s last #1, “Higher Love.” If Tom hated that, he hates this.
I don’t hate either song. Thing is, some other commenters have tipped their hands prior to today that they, too, are not fond of “Roll With It.”
I don’t really understand the “We Built This City”-level disdain for this song. “Roll With It” is a banger. It was a welcome sound on my radio in the scorching summer of 1988, and it’s a welcome song when I hear it now. It’s upbeat, infectious, tightly played and sung plenty soulfully for my tastes.
We have a lot of really, really terrible #1s coming up in the ass end of 1988 here. This ain’t one of ‘em. By the radically lowered standards of 1988 #1s, “Roll With It” is one of the three best #1s of the year, and it’s an 8/10. That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it.

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#4  Left of the Dial
Score:38 | May 17th

Richard Marx as a contemporary, adult-rock, balladeer songwriter, knows how to sing the right notes and is perfect background music to hear when shopping for groceries at a Safeway on a Sunday morning.

Richard Marx as an unapologetic liberal tweet-stormer, calling out the ‘f*cksticks’ of the world.

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#3  BixMeister
Score:38 | May 17th

Is there any better head of hair than Richard Marx in the history of the Number Ones? There might be more iconic, or larger hair in the Number Ones. It may be spikier, brighter, or more colorful. With Hair Metal, there might be more Aquanet. But Richard Marx gets my vote for taking the volume and body all the way to 11. Add in his wide-eyed good looks, and he was a ready-made, radio friendly heartthrob.

Remember my young co-worker from Mandan who spearheaded the Dance Party USA contest win? One of her classmates had his own wide-eyed good looks, topped with Marx-worthy follicles. He’d visit my co-worker and I couldn’t help but see who his celebrity doppelganger was. The visits became more frequent, and my co-worker’s smile, brighter. Soon, they were officially dating. I commented on his good looks and his resemblance to Richard Marx, and she would smile, dart her eyes up to the left, and giggle. It was her way of saying, “I can’t believe I have the cutest boyfriend in the city.”

We saw a lot of young Richard Marx-Lite over the next few months. Then our smiling, giggling coworker moved to Boston where she became the nanny for the manager of a future Number One act. Real Richard Marx will appear again, as will Richard Marx-Lite. Don’t worry, there is a plot twist.

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#2  Legeis
Score:39 | May 14th

Documenting the Billboard 200 TOP ALBUMS 1988
1988 has 11 #1 albums. Most of the first ½ half of the year had just 3 #1s
4. OU812

7. Stephen Lawrence Winwood has had a long, storied and multi-tiered career. This is his 1st solo #1 and last solo #1 album, though he did have a #1 with Blind Faith. ROLL WITH IT topped the album charts for just 1 week, eventually selling 2 million in the US. It spawned 4 singles, 2 of which went top 10 (including the #6 very commercialized hit “Don’t You Know What the Night Can Do?”) and the #11 hit “Holding On”. We’ll chat more about this album very soon.

8. Here’s one of my favorite Musical TALES of ALL TIME!:
In July 1988, the Tribute Concert for Nelson Mandela’s 70th Birthday (who was still in a South African jail at the time!) was held at Wembley Stadium.
The list of Performers included: Sting, George Michael, Whitney Houston, Eurythimics, Al Green, Joe Cocker, Freddie Jackson, Natalie Cole, Phil Collins, Wet Wet Wet, Paul Young, Bryan Adams, The Bee Gees, Jackson Browne, UB40, Simple Minds, Peter Gabriel, Salt N Pepa, Dire Straits w/ Eric Clapton and Stevie Wonder.

Now, Stevie is supposed to go on in the middle of the list, but his synclavier’s hard disc is missing and he can’t go on until it’s found.
The crowd is disappointed…

With no one else ready, the producers eventually send out a then unknown Tracy Chapman to play for the restless 90,000 in the crowd and the 600 million on TV.
You can hear the crowd not paying attention to her. They were singing to themselves to pass the time.
Tracy was all alone on the big stage, just her and her guitar.
When she starts plucking her guitar strings to start “Fast Cars”, to me, her voice is trembling, she’s near tears, and it’s small and quiet

…but…but from that…the crowd stops its hubbub. THEY ACTUALLY START TO LISTEN…
You can almost hear a pin drop among 90,000 entranced spectators.
And in a miracle of music, they are fixated…and the audience is just an audience of JUST ONE. As each person’s connecting with her… and personally I’ve got chills.

And the 600 million watching worldwide finds Tracy. Her recently released album goes to #1 in most countries within a months’ time.

There are songs are just other worldly, a frozen moment in time, and are iconic. I don’t think I’m wrong to say that the ‘one-hit wonder’ which is “Fast Cars”, the debut single from the debut album TRACY CHAPMAN is just unique and special.
Surprisingly to me, it only reached #6 in the US. It’s a very personal story and song, and it immediately hits home even if her story isn’t yours.
The self-titled album sells 6 million in the US and 20 Million in the world. In the UK, it is in the Top 50 of best-selling albums ever, right ahead of the Grease Soundtrack and the Marshall Mathers LP.

Good for Tracy!
Better for Music!


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#1  dustrock
Score:44 | May 18th

Pretty sure Prince is the single most correctly rated figure in all of music and also an asshole.

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#5  kmpec
Score:-12 | May 19th

Why would Prince have anything to do with her? He could and did have the most beautiful woman in music. Her story just don’t fit, and I don’t believe her at all!

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#4  Legeis
Score:-13 | May 17th

Well, I didn’t know any of this.
So he’s a boring asshole?

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#3  sysadmin
Score:-14 | May 19th

“always worry ’bout the critic who ain’t never f***** did it / I write what’s in my heart, don’t f***** care who f***** with it”
Hush Tommy boy, the only boring piece about this album is your pretensious pseudo-intellectual review

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#2  tropicoflungcancer9
Score:-22 | May 18th

Ahh you sound like someone who magically has all the blinders in the world for revered acts being typical cruds. Bowie, Jimmy Page, John Lennon, apparently Prince, etc.

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#1  Gallopinto
Score:-46 | May 18th

Wait, so the single most overrated figure in all of music was an asshole? Weird.

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Score:27 | May 19th

Lollapalooza: We would like your approval to go forward with the fest this summer.
Mayor Lightfoot: But the pandemic isn’t over yet! We can’t have so many people in such close proximity!
Lollapalooza: Oh, we have a plan for that! [unveils lineup]

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