Stream Foo Fighters’ Bee Gees Tribute Album As The Dee Gees, Hail Satin

Stream Foo Fighters’ Bee Gees Tribute Album As The Dee Gees, Hail Satin

A month ago, the Foo Fighters announced a ridiculous new project: As a Record Store Day exclusive, they would release a full-on tribute record dedicated to helium-howling disco stars the Bee Gees. For the occasion the band would call themselves the Dee Gees, and they would call the record Hail Satin. (Get it? You get it.) Before that announcement, the Foos had already shared their covers of “You Should Be Dancing” and Bee Gees brother Andy Gibb’s “Shadow Dancing.” Over the weekend, the Foo Fighters — or, fine, the Dee Gees — released Hail Satin. Today, the record is on the streaming services.

Hail Satin isn’t exactly an entire cover album. It’s half of a cover album. The first side is dedicated to those Bee Gees covers, and the second half is live versions of songs from the Foos’ recent LP Medicine At Midnight. But those five covers are well-chosen. Besides “You Should Be Dancing” and “Shadow Dancing,” it also finds Dave Grohl and friends taking on “Night Fever,” “Tragedy,” and “More Than A Woman.” Four of those five songs were #1 hits in their original incarnations. (“More Than A Woman,” from the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack, was never released as a proper single in the US, but it could’ve easily been another chart-topper. The Bee Gees really only made chart-toppers in 1977 and 1978.)

For their part, the Foo Fighters have done nothing to change the DNA of these Bee Gees songs. The covers are all faithful. The Foo Fighters play the songs as straight-up disco. They don’t rock the songs up, and they don’t do any winking — at least, not on record. Dave Grohl delivers all the vocals in a falsetto that’s strained but surprisingly credible; he definitely worked on hitting those notes. Stream the LP below.

Hail Satin is out now on Roswell/RCA.

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