Shut Up, Dude: This Week’s Best Comments

Shut Up, Dude: This Week’s Best Comments

Taylor Swift dropped a new album and put John Early in her music video. This guy’s excited! The album’s also got Lana Del Rey, but just barely; maybe someone stole her part. And Midnights producer Jack Antonoff celebrated release week by wearing a Stereogum shirt. 👀

Which one of you is Jack.


Score: 21 | Oct 17th

Meanwhile, at the perfect songs side of town . . .
The Flaming Lips released Do You Realize?
This song is one of those that may appear cheerful at first listen, but it’s a real downer of a song when you pay attention, making a point of how precarious life is. I mean it says “do you realize that everyone you know someday will die?” Still, it has such a sing-a-long quality in its melody that is very hard to resist. It also has bells, we need more songs with bells. The first single from Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots, it has become their most popular song and was the official state song of Oklahoma for a while. That video is one fun trip. 

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Score: 21 | Oct 14th

Line of the Day:
“By that time, the Inc. was all dried up anyway.”
Points for that.

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Scott Lapatine
Score: 22 | Oct 19th

Happy 20th anniversary to Kelly attempting to text Nelly via spreadsheet. Bonus Beats:

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Score: 22 | Oct 17th

Your mileage may vary on the quality of the other recent #1’s, but you can’t deny that this is the highest-energy song we’ve seen in these parts since before 9/11.
That’s one thing I remember about the summer of 02; we really were looking to have fun and enjoy ourselves. I wish we’d interrogated that impulse a bit more, but you couldn’t have denied this song whenever it came out.
Just a blast of good beats and good jokes. 10/10

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Score: 23 | Oct 17th

LOL at billionaires buying social networks in the name of “free speech.”

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Score: 23 | Oct 14th

“I know three people who have died from taking the vaccine.”
No, you do not. This is a lie. Nobody has died as a direct result of taking any of the various covid vaccines.

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JT Wolf
Score: 24 | Oct 17th

Not much to note about this one. Candace Owens’ husband owns Parler, so her recent buddy-buddy act with Kanye was meant to help offload a bloated carcass of an app at a price well over true value and laugh all the way to the bank while doing it.

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Score: 28 | Oct 17th

Here’s a #1 that I heard a whole lot in its time! I never paid much attention to the lyrics of “Hot In Herre” (maybe on purpose), but enjoyed it when I heard it. I mostly just liked its sound.

For some reason, I had something of a soft spot for Nelly. Possibly, because he came from the middle of the country, which can sometimes seem to be overlooked when it comes to some genres of music. His more recent legal troubles notwithstanding, I still have something of a soft spot for him. I hope he is able to keep himself on the straight-and-narrow.

That’s a heck of a backstory provided by Tom. Thanks, I never would’ve known all those details!

On a personal note, I’d like to thank my TNOCS friends for all of Friday’s kind words and thoughts. Those well-wishes were (are) so meaningful, and so much appreciated! Our daughter’s wedding was beautiful, and went off perfectly. So, so memorable. Oh, and even though I’m not much of a dancer, I danced more at the reception than I have any evening of my life. And I even found it to be fun! Who woulda thunk it?

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Score: 36 | Oct 14th

Win: “Soy un predator”

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Score: 40 | Oct 14th

Our oldest daughter is getting married tomorrow. A truly joyous occasion.

She’s always been a huge music fan, and started out as a Music Ed major in college (she ended up earning a Doctor of Pharmacy). As a little girl, her favorite song was “Kokomo”. (Hey, she was a preschooler!) As an adult, she loves a wide range of music, from hip hop to country to rock.

I stole a peek at the list of spotlighted songs for the reception, those that she and her fiancé selected for spotlight dances. One of the songs happens to be a Hot 100 #1. It will be the evening’s final dance. It also happens to be a TNOCS favorite. 

With love from a proud dad, here’s tomorrow’s evening-capping song, a solid 10, just like the bride-to-be:

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Oct 14th

Pretty good for the first ever AI-generated pop punk song.

Oh, people made this? Yikes.

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