MSCHF Put 24kGoldn’s Arm In An Art Gallery And It Got A Fist Bump From Cousin Greg

MSCHF Put 24kGoldn’s Arm In An Art Gallery And It Got A Fist Bump From Cousin Greg

If you’re familiar with the art-stunt collective MSCHF, it’s probably because they partnered with Lil Nas X on his Satanic Nikes. The group — whose other projects include a rubber chicken that doubles as a bong and a mashup of Axe Body Spray with Chanel No. 5 perfume — has since grazed the music world by collaborating with the Weeknd on a saw blade that plays Dawn FM single “Out Of Time.” The latest mischief perpetuated by MSCHF involves another chart-topping performer, rapper and singer 24kGoldn of “Mood” fame.

As Artnet reports, MSCHF’s first show at a commercial art gallery, which opened last week at Perrotin in New York, takes the form of “a kind of derelict strip mall” with “stores” devoted to exhibits such as a “GameStop” full of the collective’s various offbeat video games and a “Footlocker” including paintings of feet and distortions of classic shoes (not the Satan shoes, sorry). There’s also a life-size marble sculpture of Jennifer Lopez based only on papparazi photos. And in an instance of performance art at last Thursday’s opening, 24kGoldn sat behind a wall with only his arm available to be seen or touched.

Among those who dapped 24kGoldn up was actor Nicholas Braun, aka Cousin Greg from Succession, who is a bit of a musician himself (and who was last seen developing a TV series about ’00s indie music for HBO). Check out video and photo evidence of this event below.

@newyorknico 24kGoldn’s hand is on display at the #Mschf art show in NYC. @24kGoldn ♬ Mood (feat. iann dior) – 24kGoldn

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