Miya Folick – “Mommy”

Miya Folick – “Mommy”

Miya Folick is building toward the release of new album Roach. Over the past year she’s shared singles “Get Out Of My House,” “Bad Thing,” “Nothing To See,” “Ordinary,” and “Oh God.” Today she’s back with a whopping sixth advance track, which probably won’t be the last given that the album is still more than two months away.

“Mommy” is, as you might expect, a reckoning with parental relationships. Folick begins with her mom, singing, “My mother keeps secrets like a ghost/ I ask her what her parents were like, she says that she doesn’t know/ I find that hard to believe/ If someone asked me to describe her, I’d recall everything.” Eventually she moves on to her father too: “Daddy always wanted everyone to like him/ I think I’m just like him.” It starts out with Folick’s voice floating across an arrangement so sparse it’s barely there, but eventually an electronic beat drops, some gorgeously eerie music unfolds, and a sideways saxophone solo breaks out.

Folick’s statement:

“Mommy” is maybe the most intimate song on my record. It’s about heritage, memory and family. I think there’s an ache in the song that exposes the gap between my limited understanding of my parents and the full richness of their lives. The first time I played this song live was at The Echo in Los Angeles, and my mom showed up—not joking—with a jar of honey for me, to soothe my throat (you’ll understand this anecdote when you listen to the song).

Listen below.

Roach is out 5/26 on Nettwerk.

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