Charlie Puth Finally Admits He Said “I’m Hungies”

Charlie Puth Finally Admits He Said “I’m Hungies”

One of the epic sagas of our times has come to a conclusion. In a new interview with Interview, Charlie Puth admits that he did, indeed, once tell his driver, “I’m hungies.”

To recap, back in 2018, a Billboard profile documented Puth telling his driver, “I’m hungies!” We posted about this story, and our tweet about the hungies thing went viral. (Every few months it starts getting quote-tweeted in our mentions again.)

A year later, speaking to Buzzfeed Celeb, Puth denied that he ever said “hungies.” Now he’s finally ready to concede that the words probably did some tumbling out of his mouth, even if he doesn’t explicitly remember it.

Here’s the relevant quote:

I’m sure I said it in my subconscious and I just blurted it out. I think I was probably half-asleep. I remember seeing it and thinking, “Oh God, that does sound like some stupid crap I would say.” I don’t remember saying it, but it sounds like something I would say.

He later adds:

It’s kind of like baby talk. It’s like what you’d say to a dog or something. When I meet a dog, I kind of allude to a baby tone like, “Oh my god, you’re such a cute little baby dog.” But maybe I just didn’t eat that day and I was on the way to lunch. “I’m so hungies.”

Puth then expressly states, “I’m not denying it.” He continues, “I never expected it to reach so many people, but I’m glad that people know me for more than just that.”

Right! They also know him for his thirst traps! Puth spends most of the Interview piece discussing his fondness for getting naked. A relevant excerpt:

I really have always loved being naked, and I’m going to be careful how I choose my words because I don’t want people to take this the wrong way. Again, I’m not captivated by the way that I look, but I know that I’m not ugly. So sometimes I’d look at myself in the mirror and I’d be like, “I really do have kind of a nice butt.” And what’s wrong with liking your features? I have really long arms and abnormally large hands. That’s probably why I play piano. Even today, I woke up and it’s kind of fun to look at yourself naked and admire your body.

He also talks about making out with Meghan Trainor in the studio back in 2015, the “hybrid scripted-unscripted reality show” he’s working on for Roku, and his “chaotic” decision to name his dog Charlie. Read the full Q&A here.

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