Sinai Vessel – “Tangled”

Sinai Vessel – “Tangled”

As Sinai Vessel, Asheville’s Caleb Cordes keeps a relatively low profile and doesn’t kick up much ruckus even when releasing his thoughtful and soft-spoken indie rock. Cordes released his great Ground Aswim album in 2020 and shared the outtake “Swimming” in 2021. At the end of that year, he posted five demos for the next Sinai Vessel album, and last year he closed out an Owen Ashworth tribute album. Still no LP4 news today, but we are getting a new song.

“The mind is a tricky machine,” Cordes whisper-sings on “Tangled,” the new Sinai Vessel single he created with producer Ben Littlejohn. It’s billed as a song about “paranoia and gnawing anxiety,” but the sound of it is just as likely to soothe you. Listen below.

08/03 – Washington, DC @ Comet Ping Pong
08/04 – Philadelphia, PA @ Abyssinia Downstairs
08/05 – Brooklyn, NY @ Purgatory
08/06 – Boston, MA @ O’Brien’s
08/07 – Catskill, NY @ Avalon Lounge

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