This joke doesn't even mention class. The joke is, we gave people too much leeway with gender identity and it we want to win we should cut it back. Everything else is stuff people are bringing. Everyone in the "laugh at yourself too" crowd would be more convincing to me if this was a joke about Clinton, or Bernie, or even just a righteous college students. It's a joke about gender identity instead. That separates it from jokes about Trump the person.
Sometimes it seems like when push comes to shove a lot of self-identified liberals will gleefully abandon ship
The most reliable way to get a headline is to ask any classic-rock-or-earlier artist their opinion on Kanye West
Why shouldn't they? The only reason not to is that we have a weird aversion about talking specifics about money in public, which is also just a way to keep people from comparing pay and getting an idea of the market rate. Now when a band gets an Epitaph offer they'll be able to compare it to what GLOSS got and evaluate it from there.
Wait didn't Father John Misty tell me I should be very skeptical of pop music
Does anyone remember James Figurine/Dntel's 55566688833? It must've had like a 3 year window of making sense and being modern
You mean the drapes and rags? I wouldn't wear it either but I kind of understand the thought process. If a lot of fashion is just coopting lower class/blue collar clothing (from denim to v-necks to leather jackets) in a high fashion context, then maybe he was going for the year 2075 dystopia lower class.
I'm sure this will be as successful as that MySpace relaunch a few years ago.
This is a little too "PRE-ORDER AT GAMESTOP" for an album.
He's just invalidated the entire hot take industry by reducing every possible think piece into one calm, casual line
Looking forward to Death Grips on The View.
Because its funnier. Pretty sure that joke/technique originated on the Daily Show/Colbert too.
That little swoop of hair island isn't fooling anyone Justin just shave it off
And then you press play on the tracks and it turns out they're all Jay Electronica songs
Rock music changed. No band rose to the same level of fame, as the whole genre was outpaced by hip hop, pop and electronic music. Not necessarily in quality since that's subjective, but in terms of popularity and celebrity. With no new King of Bands to replace them, festivals that seek to be eclectic don't have very many options on headliners. So now the old genre kings are being installed as perennial institutions, and Coachella reaches even further back to get AC/DC & Guns & Roses.
Looking forward to the Azealia Banks/Kid Rock/Chingy fundraising concert, it's gonna be so weird.
Still miss Daniel Blumberg.
Butthurt comments in response to an interview comprised entirely of butthurt
What any of the dudes that make these complaints never seem to address is that 20 years ago wasn't some golden age for self-promotion and journalism. We have not entered a brave new world, you're just more aware of what's there and the machine it's in is new and strange to you.
There were a lot of critiques about this when it came out though. A lot of thinkpieces about how it's an elitist, anti-populist music move.
Is the writer's room at The Tonight Show just a list of popular songs, a list of celebrities they can call that night, and a grab bag of silly prompts?
Is this where they go after O'Rourke's (DEEP CUT JOKE)
If he did, the headlines would be "Father John Misty Hates On Taylor Swift" and then that sets off everyone's Google alerts and now he can't use Twitter.
In an era where 90% of guitar bands are playing off of and referencing genres that have long since peaked, you're picking on this?
Taco vs Burrito is also a primary debate between Los Angeles (which sides with Clark) and San Diego (which is correct)
Millenial male here. Willing to join a roster for the right price, please contact with bids, thanks (or 'thx' as we say)
Man novels really don't pay anymore, huh?
This is kind of a relief. 2015 has been too stacked with high profile releases and it'd be nice to have a little extra attention span to dedicate to them. Plus, there has to be something to look forward to in 16.
To be fair to Miley the first time she heard a Jay-Z song was in like 2010 so she's still learning the genre
Look, I'm personally having trouble raising much ire for the video other than an eyeroll for another cliche video that portrays Africa as a homogenous plainsland with luxurious animals and pale people. It's such an old cliche I feel like it's dumbness speaks for itself. If you do or do not want to pick up a torch, ok, whatever. But Joseph Kahn is not, at all, well-read in racial/identity politics. This is a dude that was going up on the VMA stage and on Twitter making low effort, self-deprecating Asian jokes about himself in advance to better appeal to the white audiences that might think it. He strikes me as a guy that doesn't think racial things should be on anyone's mind and would gladly mock it in order to better fit in with the status quo. What I'm saying is that I care, even less, about what he imagines his defense is.
This actually reminds me of being a teenager and two friends hate each other because they've both been mean to each other, and all you can say is, "I dunno, they've been nice to me, I'm just gonna stay out of it."
I'm pretty happy with the sub. Kanye is a little oversaturated in terms of festival appearances right now, but it's still a Kanye West show, and I'm happy to see "All Day" live. Hope Frank's alright though. Between Morrissey and Kanye my weekend is going to be so sad and arrogant.
How cool would it be if she just wore Silverchair t-shirts all the time
I love Nihilist Arby's. My favorite one is: "Never forget who you are: a tiny speck on an insignificant rock hurtling through a void. May as well fuck some strangers this weekend. Arbys"
alright, sure, white house communications committee, sure.
Earth Children! What is a song that the masses consume? I am told my viral rating must be increased in conjunction with the release of my impending film.
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