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Hope you guys are enjoying our year-end coverage in the 2013 Experience. So far we’ve counted down the 50 Best Albums (and separately the Best Metal Albums and Best Rap Albums), the 17 Best Kanye Rants, and the 10 Dumbest Azealia Banks Beefs. We revealed our staff’s favorite songs. In our series the Producers, we did a Q&As with 2013 hitmakers Pharrell, Ariel Rechtshaid, and Mike WiLL Made It. We looked at the year in molly, unconventional album launches, and the music business. And our annual In Memoriam offered a short video tribute to the bands who broke up this year. Elsewhere, we’ve been rolling out the results of the Gummy Awards, our annual readers poll. There is more to come! It’s a holiday embarrassment of riches! But one thing we did not do this year is repost other publications’ Best Albums lists. So if you wanna talk about that below, go ahead. Or share what you want for Christmas. Or talk about Duck Dynasty? Up to you! Your best and worst comments from this week are below…


#10 kilgore trout | Dec 13th Score:21

Its never okay, Donny.

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Jim Rountree | Dec 19th Score:23

hey, remember that time NIN spent six months hauling out year zero with a huge viral campaign? and then dramatically broke NIN up saying “this is the last tour, blah blah blah”? and then brought them back? yeah, nothing pompous there.

also, is there anyone left besides U2′s the edge that wayne coyne hasn’t slandered in the press? wtf? calm down.

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#8 ambarella | Dec 19th Score:29


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Justice Beaver | Dec 13th Score:32

Blue Ivy’s rap skills be whack nigga, her verse was weak as fuck…flow be lacking

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#6 Renaton | Dec 13th Score:35

Posted in: Beyoncé Just Released A Surprise Album
#5 Slothdrop | Dec 13th Score:36

Bro, Beyonce ~IS~ Burial

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Dusty Effin Henry | Dec 16th Score:36

Great to see Beyonce #BREAKFREE from the norm with her release.

- Sent from my Virgin Mobile phone

Posted in: Premature Evaluation: Beyoncé BEYONCÉ

Joe Howse | Dec 17th Score:36

Stereogum: Calls Like A Rolling Stone ’generation-defining’
Stereogum: Does not put it on this list.

Posted in: The 10 Best Bob Dylan Songs
#2 raptor jesus | Dec 13th Score:41

*looks up from listening to Burial*


*goes back to listening to Burial*

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#1 fistofan0077 | Dec 13th Score:44

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#5 twillowwillow | Dec 13th Score:-12

ARcade Fire released an album on October 29, but they dropped the single on 9/9. Arcade Fire is most important band of this decade and the preceding decade, and likely the succeeding decade, and yet they aren’t featured at all in stereogum’s top ten songs of year list.

Something stinks in the heart of man.

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#4 michael_ | Dec 17th Score:-13

Just the Dylan ones. I thought it was a meme by now that I’d have something troll-y to say about this ol’ croaky fart.

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#3 trinity firearms | Dec 17th Score:-13

funny but also sad and slightly disrespectful

Posted in: In Memoriam: Bands We Lost In 2013

Jack Tony | Dec 14th Score:-14

Beyonce looks like an ugly white drag queen now.

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#1 michael_ | Dec 17th Score:-37

It baffles me that you were able to come up with even just one listenable song to put on this list.

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[Ed Note: I kept in Jack Tony’s comment because it’s hilarious that a competitor of Samsung is paying people to flame Beyoncé fans with links to buy a Galaxy… if that’s what’s going on here?]


Alexis Nicole Newton | Dec 13th Score:-5

Excuse me but some people here ARE Hollywood Undead fans and you guys hating on them isn’t going to do anything besides for waste your time. And Phil isn’t even in the band so please stop hating on him AND the band. Thanks.

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  1. So is that Death Grips / Beyonce picture photoshopped?

    I was convinced it was real, but when I was showing my friends over the weekend, they were acting like it had to be photoshopped. I disagreed, then I zoomed in on my phone and it looked pixelated around the edges, so maybe it is? My phone is 3 years old so… maybe it ISN’T?? Robert Pattinson???

    I suppose the mystery is part of the appeal.

    Either way, new Beyonce, Burial & Clams Casino this month?? Was December better than almost every other months in 2013?

    Great week.

  2. My number #1 spot in the worst end is telling of the week I had. I got critical of [redacted] on Twitter over his emo-tivations with covering certain bands on his web site, who then begin to follow me on Twitter but only because he wanted to block me and then publicly shame me via Tweet over a joke I made about his pecs (I don’t even know if he even has any, but from the way he talks and if you read his Staff list submission, he made sure to tell the world he can run 1.25 miles in the length that it takes to listen to “Dream House.” Cool, bro. Do a tweet search for “[redacted] gym” and you’ll find a ton of tweets about him bragging about his gym habits while listening to music. It’s everything you hate about your friends’ posts on Facebook, but on Twitter.) Anyhow, apparently an entire contingent of emo “revival” bands, web sites and labels hate me now because of my criticism of how I felt it was telling that P4k didn’t list a single emo “revival” band on their year-end lists despite the massive coverage they’ve given it over recent months. You could argue that [redacted]‘s personal list makes up for that, but he is but one person and not representative of their entire brand. Plus, his tastes go beyond just emo “revival” and into some really shitty pop-punk, which makes him come off like a 16-year-old boy when I put all of this together.

    It was just a shitty week.

    • tl;dr Twitter is dumb because you can’t have an opinion unless you are a popular follow (be it celebrity, musician, journalist, etc.) and if you make a joke, you get attacked instead of retweeted because not being a popular follow means you’re a worthless nobody.

    • Fuck that guy. I wouldn’t worry about it. Pitchfork is one of the worst things to ever happen to music.

      • Someone on here posted a link to Ian Cohen ironically reviewing candy and seeing that has made reading Pitchfork like ten times harder for me. Regardless of who wrote a piece, I hear Ian Cohen’s voice in my head and I see him eating Skittles and I have to stop.

    • Stereogum should have a regular feature covering your beefs.

      • That’s what’s been bothering me a lot lately, because I look at the other people I follow who also write but don’t necessarily own a music site, but still use Twitter to muse about music in much the same fashion, and I think because I have a site, people come at me like I’m some official business. It’s ridiculous what some people out there expect of me over something I do as a hobby in my free time. Imagine drawing or painting in your free time, and then a professional artist and the owner of an art gallery knocking on your door and telling you that you’re going about it all wrong. That’s basically what it’s like sometimes.

        • Yeah, one time years ago, interviewed someone for a friend’s online journal. I was doing it as a favor, because I was near the subject of the interview. Anyway, I didn’t fully agree with this person’s politics, but I thought (mistakenly?) that my job was to just to give them room in the interview to express themselves. It went online and some dude from Harpers called me out by name and said. I was a bad journalist. I thought that was unnecessary. Anyway, I didn’t quit my day job.

  3. With the exception of Sunny Day Real Estate, I think if a bunch of emo bands hated me, I would be delighted.

    • There are quality ones out there, but I also think there’s a necessity to weeding out those from the many, many, many weak ones which are springing up in all directions, cop a familiar sound and do so to far less remarkable results. I don’t think some sites are doing that. It’s like they’re just taking whatever the labels they’ve befriended throw at them and posting it without pause to whether or not it’s offering anything different or good. Here’s one example that killed me this past week:

      That’s music for hormonal 16-year-olds who read religiously. It’s got more in common with Story of the Year than Sunny Day Real Estate.

      • (I mean, they’re a pop-punk band, so I guess they wouldn’t have a ton in common with SDRE, but it’s got that “whiny” quality to it that defined bad pop-punk in the early Aughties and not so much the smart pop-punk of the Descendents or even by today’s other definition, Swearin’.)


    Also, what an awesome couple of weeks its been for music. I mean, for a December, we got overstuffed with goodness. Yay.

  5. No one else has, so let me be the first: Marry Christmas Mutha’ Fuckas!!!!!!

  6. I took a dump while listening to Deafheaven this morning and it might have been the greatest feeling I’ve ever experienced

  7. I’m pretty disappointed we’re not getting our usual pointless debates about other site’s lists this year. I guess I can see why Stereogum wants to promote its own stuff, but it was fun, that’s all.

    • Yeah man, would have loved that over this new forced This Year in Bull/ish to be honest. Seems like the blogs may have gotten together and agreed to not repost eachother’s hard wrought lists this year(?) I write that also becauze I’ve been having a hard time finding text versions of any of the lists.

      I had a hectic year and missed almost all the new music that came out, so I’ve been using the year end lists to catch up. I’ve only gotten thru the ‘Gum, ‘Gum readers, and NPR Best Of ( so far and have to say ‘Gum as usual opened me up to some superb stuff.

      So now I’m startin to winnow my own Top 10 down, obviously checkin out everybody’s along the way.. gave myself the loose deadline ot 12/31…

      50, you need some help?
      Chill, Yayo I got this!!

    • Why bother debating the merits of other sites’ lists when they are basically the same as Stereogum’s? Noisey had a unique list, but most of the others are very similar.

      • SPIN had a really badass list. Out of all of the major publications, they took a lot more risks with their decisions. This might be the last time they’re given that thumbs up, though, because Chris Weingarten is leaving to head on over to the retirement home known as Rolling Stone.

  8. Best albums everybody’s leaving off their year-end lists (imho of course):

    1. Wavves – “Afraid of Heights”
    2. Washed Out – “Paracosm”
    3. The Joy Formidable – “Wolf’s Law”
    4. Local Natives – “Hummingbird”
    5. Mikal Cronin – “MCII”

    And probably a bunch of others that I (ironically) am forgetting about.

    • Ah yes, Joy Formidable deserves a nod I’d say. I’ve seen Mikal Cronin on a few. Wavves album was a little hit or miss for me though. Also, I’d put the Strokes in there. As I recall, we here at the gum enjoyed that album.

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