Shut Up, Dude: This Week’s Best And Worst Comments

This week we established that Migos ≥ Beatles, Paul Allen ≈ Jimi Hendrix, and Adele = Sam Smith, but none of them have anything on David Bowie, who will be serenading Martians for approximately 1 billion years. Better luck next gigaannum Greatest Showman soundtrack. Speaking of empty rings around the sun, the second best E6 LP turns 20 tomorrow. My Neutral Milk anecdote is below, followed by your best and worst comments.


#10  amgmusic
Score:41 | Feb 6th

Wow, this is really really good. I’m from Baltic State (Latvia), but this is the first i hear about this band.
Just one note: we (people in estonia, latvia & lithuania) really really hate when the “former Socialist republic” is added. “formerly occupied for 45 years by Soviet Union” would be more accurate & nicer. :))

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#9  best fwends
Score:41 | Feb 2nd

Sufjan approved

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#8  Scott Lapatine
Score:42 | Feb 2nd

sit down be hungies

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#7  Marijuana
Score:45 | Feb 6th


*hits bong*

Your Pal,


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#6  Stereopun
Score:47 | Feb 2nd

I changed all text in my browser to Comic Sans MS a long time ago, but I’m sure it looks fontastic

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#5  Scott Lapatine
Score:48 | Feb 2nd

do you guys like our new font

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#4  padfoot24
Score:53 | Feb 2nd

“Sir, please put down the spear gun and get out of the aquarium. You’re scaring the children.”

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Matt Chylak
Score:56 | Feb 2nd

Artists, take note: this is the absolute best response to this crap. No punching or pushing. Just literally stop playing until they gtfo your stage.

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#2  phospholipidbilayer
Score:65 | Feb 4th

I find this idea of policing what gender nonconformity looks like to be utter bullshit. It all hinges on equating gender with presentation and with sexuality when they are all mutually exclusive things. Any person of any gender can be any sexuality and present however they please.

If this dude wants to dress femme/androgynous, use he/him pronouns, and is attracted to women/femininity, then power be unto him to actualize that! Good on him for discovering that about himself and finding wholeness!

The same power that he looks to feel from dressing femme/androgynous is the same that I look to feel from the clothing choices I make as a femme, androgynous person. Except I use they/them pronouns and my sexuality is queer. His narrative doesn’t detract from mine. In fact I want more straight men like him to break free from the chains of cisnormativity and heteronormativity to live more authentic lives. We all damn well know that long held stereotypes of masculinity and femininity are extremes, and that 99.9% of all people don’t conform to 100% of the stereotypes attributed to the masculinity or femininity they were assigned at birth. I wish more cis people would own that. Bc owning that doesn’t mean you aren’t still a man or a woman if that is the gender you know you are. But recognizing and owning the ways in which you don’t conform widens the idea of what a man or a woman can look like. You don’t all have to change your names and use they/them pronouns and a whole lot of shit like that. I didn’t start using they them pronouns bc one day I woke up and was like “fuck the system let’s make these cissies’ lives more difficult.” I started using them because they reflect me. I started presenting more femme bc that reflects me. I still wear men’s clothes when they reflect me. I still keep the facial hair sometimes bc it reflects me. I started wearing colorful eyeliner lately bc it reflects me. And I’m considering changing my name and starting hormones, and i’ll only start doing those things when I’m as sure on the inside as I can be that that decision reflects me and where I am right now. I wish more cis people would know that they can decide to do any of these aforementioned things I did (or any other gender nonconforming thing they wish to do) and they can still be the man or woman they say they are. Presentation and gender are related sometimes but for other people they are mutually exclusive. Your presentation is what you want to wear how you want to style your hair and shit like that. Your gender is your understanding of who you are on the inside. Your sexuality is who you want to fuck and whatever god damn kinks you have. And given that with each of those categories there are endless forms people can take, it makes a whole lot of sense to me that the gender binary and the rigid ideas of what men and women are only serve to keep a significant portion of the population scared to embody their authentic selves due to fear of deviating from this perceived norm too much. And I just find that really sad and I hope that all of you know that if your a cis guy and want to paint your nails while sporting a buzz cut and 5’oclock shadow and wearing cargo pants and a silk chiffon blouse, then if you’ve not heard it from anyone else, hear it from me: FUCKING DO IT. YOU ARE STILL THE MAN YOU SAY YOU ARE REGARDLESS OF WHAT YOU FUCKING WEAR. BE YOU AND BE HAPPY LIFE IS TOO GOD DAMN SHORT. AND ALL THAT SHIT BETTER BE COLOR COORDINATED OR YOU’LL LOOK A DAMN MESS BUT EVEN IF YOU WANT TO LOOK A DAMN MESS THATS OK I LOVE YOU ANYWAYS.

Same goes to my cis women friends here. Wear that trucker hat with that grandpa Flannel shirt and a flowy skirt and oversized Timberland boots while donning a full face of make up.

Bc the more you guys let go of these fucking ridiculous standards of masculinity and femininity that you yourselves often can’t completely live up to, the less of a contradiction my trans and genderqueer siblings will become to you and the safer we will feel to be our authentic selves.

You would have thought y’all would have learned that with fucking Bowie and Prince and George Michael and Boy George and George Clinton and Grace Jones and Annie Lennox and all these other legends from yore, but if it takes more Young Thugs and Porches and Lil Peeps and Troye Sivans and Olly Alexanders and Mat Healys and Halseys and Syds and Mykki Blancos and Mike Hadreases to nail this lesson in y’all’s heads then so damn be it.

Admittedly I’m at work so I haven’t read the profile, so it’s possible Out or Porches guy said something dumb that people are rightfully mad about. But there’s just a strong stench here that the gays mad at this are probably either no-fats-no-femmes-no-asians-masc4masc-straight-acting-looking-for-other-straight-acting who want to simultaneously call out str8s for “portraying stereotypes” (as if the existence of the stereotype is the problem rather than the narrow idea of what queerness looks like) while deriding and marginalizing those within the damn community who actually embody the damn stereotypes or their probably the type of queer who is so “radical” that there is no such thing as a positive advancement to them and that anything deemed such is somehow problematic (and you know in some cases it sometimes is but damn it let somebody enjoy the small imperfect victories when they happen not because they are fucking ending points in the war for rights but because they are hard-fought for cultural victories in these damn battles that have been taking place over many years).

Anyways love y’all have a good week this week!

❤️ Bless

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#1  padfoot24
Score:71 | Feb 2nd

Pop is dead

Long live Pop 2

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Matt Doss
Score:-18 | Feb 7th

people can’t stop listening to 33 seconds of their favorite artist sounding like their other favorite artist. What is a record? How funny.

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#4  gobias somecoffee
Score:-19 | Feb 6th

Elon Musk is such a cuuuuuuu…

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#3  Naked Lunchable
Score:-20 | Feb 5th

As if the world hadn’t already given me enough reason to dislike people. Is it your goal to be worse than Pitchfork? because you’re almost there Stereogum.

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#2  StarkDevil
Score:-20 | Feb 5th

Cash grab

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#1  DJ_Windows_98
Score:-20 | Feb 7th

Now, I’m in no way trying to make this a joke. I feel that’s necessary to state. Did Drake recently convert to Islam or something?

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Score:2 | Feb 7th

Excellent indeed! The first four song stretch is a true killer!

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