Grimes Stars In Apple Commercial Featuring Her New Song “That’s What The Drugs Are For”

“I hate permission, you know? I don’t want permission. If I just want to drop something, I just drop it.” So says Grimes at the beginning of a new Apple advertisement spotlighting her creative process.

It feels like a pointed statement given Claire Boucher’s very public frustrations with the slow process of releasing a new album for 4AD. Despite beginning 2018 with the promise of a new album this year, she hasn’t done much dropping to speak of yet, save for a K-pop collab and two lo-fi snippets.

This ad, however, does feature some new Grimes music: a track called “That’s What The Drugs Are For.” We also see a lot of shots of Boucher hunched on the floor hovering over her MacBook paired with quips such as “It’s super important for me to work on the floor a lot” and “You can do way weirder things if you’re alone in a room and you’re not worried about people judging you.” The point of the ad is that music-making technology has become way more affordable and accessible even since Grimes started making music, and that all the tools you need to bring your vision to life are available to you — assuming you can afford a computer, that is.

Watch the ad below.

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