Shut Up, Dude: This Week’s Best And Worst Comments

Shut Up, Dude: This Week’s Best And Worst Comments

This week: Mr. Bungle announced a reunion, Adam Duritz shaved his head, Smashing Pumpkins covered James Taylor, Tool broke a Hot 100 record, the drummer for Jimmy Eat World called Third Eye Blind’s singer a “fucking creepy douchebag,” and Pearl Jam landed the coveted Feral Hog Man endorsement. Now I’m gonna listen to ’90s rock on two sets of headphones.


#9  MaadSevere
Score:41 | Aug 11th

The 3-5 minutes it took to read that was time well spent. Seems like a good guy just looking for some answers to a mostly honest question. The fact he’s not an attention-hog (feral or domesticated) makes him all the more endearing. May his yard and his small kids remain undisturbed for eternity.

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#8  spoonman
Score:42 | Aug 9th

Went into this album kinda expecting him to fall off and not really sure why in retrospect. My very boring take is that he’s now released four terrific Bon Iver albums.

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#7  padfoot24
Score:42 | Aug 15th

The Tool PE isn’t for a few weeks bruh

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#6  sandro
Score:43 | Aug 12th

Shut up DJ Khaled

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#5  LosingMyEdge
Score:49 | Aug 12th

And yet no one seems to realize the obvious truth: it’s possible that BOTH dems and repubs ran with this guy and are sleazy child molesting pieces of shit. This is about the 1% and the ruling class, not conservative vs liberal.

And, given all the unbelievable facts of this case, I wouldn’t be surprised for an instance if a body double was used. It would literally be one of the least noteworthy facts about this case.

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#4  blochead
Score:56 | Aug 15th

SK has a new album dropping?

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#3  trambopoline
Score:61 | Aug 13th

I see you Big Thief coming in here tryna take my AOTY spot away from Big Thief

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#1  cokeparty
Score:73 | Aug 12th

Drag City gave Berman a place to live when he was at a low point of his life and not even releasing any music at all. That’s a wonderful, human thing to do. They also had someone who was checking on him every day. The stigma associated with mental health ailments must be conquered. Too many people are hurting especially in these unstable times. I liked Drag City anyway because they put out incredible music. This makes me appreciate them even more.

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#5  eeeee
Score:-24 | Aug 12th

Still haven’t heard this thing out in the wild…question, has this song charted outside the United States?

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#4  Fidel M
Score:-24 | Aug 9th

You have a really narrow conception of music, don’t you? A premium hype follower.

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#3  misskitten
Score:-25 | Aug 9th

Guys, gals, I was wrong to submit for consideration a non partisan perspective. I promise that I will agree with the consensus here. Please understand I am a weak willed and spineless individual who merely wants to cater to whatever side fits the popular narrative, and that’s to my shame and self reflective dismay.
Trump is an evil man and I fully recant any (unintended) support by default in his direction.
I am learning to accept that the left are good people, with solid plans to unify and not divide this once (but far too white) great nation of ours.
As I stated above, Elizabeth Warren is my spirit animal (and worships the Great Spirit according to her ancestral traditions).
Let’s vote ol’ orange face out of office.
I am thankful for the people who courageously called me out! You not only shut my dumb closeted mind down, you gave me pause to think…that a beautiful ‘murica is indeed possible, without Orwelian overtones.
Let’s all fight for this Utopia.
Thank you.
And goodnight.

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#2  Blocparty
Score:-34 | Aug 15th

what does this even mean in this context? waste of a first comment.

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Score:-46 | Aug 12th

What happened to the days when we had white aryan princesses like The Carpenters and John Denver topping the charts. Now we have a sodomite homosexual African boy giving us a western minstrel show for 19 weeks.

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Score:27 | Aug 14th

man, i don’t know anything about anyone and even i know the lead singer of third eye blind is a creepy douchebag

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