Watch Members Of Windhand, Cave In, & Fucked And Bound Cover Type O Negative

Watch Members Of Windhand, Cave In, & Fucked And Bound Cover Type O Negative

These past few months, the weekly Two Minutes To Late Night videos have been something to look forward to. Two Minutes To Late Night, brainchild of the comedian Jordan Olds, was a metal-themed talk show parody that aired out of the Brooklyn venue Saint Vitus. These days, it’s something else. Every week, musicians from the worlds of punk, metal, and hardcore get together to cover classic songs remotely from their houses and practice spaces. Last week, it was Ted Leo leading a version of the Replacements’ “Kids Don’t Follow.” The week before it was E Street Band/Conan O’Brien legend Max Weinberg joining members of Hatebreed and My Chemical Romance to play the Misfits “Earth A.D.” And today, we get the Two Minutes To Late Night salute to Type O Negative.

Brooklyn goth-metal overlords Type O Negative rose up out of the New York metal underground and became cult stars and, briefly, radio presences in the ’90s. In 2010, Peter Steele, the band’s glowering and towering frontman, died of an aneurysm. Type O Negative remain absolutely beloved in the underground, for good reason. They were problematic as hell, but they had colossal monster jams. If anything, their rep has only grown in recent years.

In the new Two Minutes To Late Night video, Dorthia Cottrell, leader of the great Richmond doom metal band Windhand, leads a fascinating group of musicians through a version of “Be My Druidess,” a majestic jam from Type O Negative’s 1996 album October Rust. Cave In/Mutoid Man frontman and Old Man Gloom member Stephen Brodsky, a Two Minutes To Late Night regular, plays bass. (We also get to see Brodsky honoring Peter Steele by feeding wine and potato chips to a plastic skeleton.) Brodsky’s Cave In bandmate JR Conners plays drums. The guitarist is Leanne Martz, currently in the new band Darling with Cottrell. Keyboardist Lisa Mungo is the frontwoman of the Seattle hardcore band Fucked And Bound, and she also plays in Daughters. As always, Olds joins in on guitar, using his Gwarsenio Hall charater.

The “Be My Druidess” cover sounds huge and satisfying, and those “I’ll do anything to make you cum” lyrics hit different when Dorthia Cottrell is the person singing them. Check out the cover and the Type O Negative original below.

Speaking of Darling, the new band that features both Dorthia Cottrell and Leanne Martz, they announced their existence and dropped their first song last month. It’s called “Baptists,” and you can listen to it right here:

In related news, as Brooklyn Vegan points out, Stephen Brodsky posted a video of himself playing a solo-acoustic cover of the 1992 Tori Amos classic “China” over the weekend. Jordan Olds edited the video, and Brodsky just crushed that shit. Watch it below.

Brodsky writes:

Believe it or not, while my band Cave In was writing and recording Until Your Heart Stops, I was listening to Under The Pink by Tori Amos quite a bit. Something about her fiery freedom made me wanna scorch the limits of heavy music. Plus she scores major points for having done a Kurt Cobain-approved cover of “Smells Like Teen Spirit.” The song “China” is from an earlier album of hers — only recently did I become acquainted with it. I love the simplicity of melody, the solid arrangement, and her playful lyrics that tenderly capture the heartache of human nature.

Check out the Two Minutes To Late Night Patreon here.

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