Shut Up, Dude: This Week’s Best And Worst Comments

Shut Up, Dude: This Week’s Best And Worst Comments

Some upsetting tweets we didn’t blog this week are below. Enjoy them, and your worst and best comments.


#10  spoonman
Score:43 | Sep 24th

Grimes/Kanye coupling when

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#9  you beautiful bastard.
Score:46 | Sep 27th

Beat me to it. The Kelly story arguably cost DeRogatis a marriage and led to his being harassed mercilessly by Kelly’s insane diehards, but he kept with it when he could have walked away at any time and nobody would have batted an eye.

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#8  dustrock
Score:47 | Sep 24th

“Elon Musk and Grimes announced today they have fully desynchronized, but remain compatible and expect their child AEX12105734984 to be fully ready for beta release by 2040.”

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#7  redperson
Score:49 | Sep 24th

Blast from your past…

Earlier this year (2021) a friend told me about THE NUMBERS ONES. I dipped in and found myself so interested I had to go back to the beginning—virtual 1958—to read sequentially. I’ve now finished 1978, also known for me as grade school. “Le Freak” by Chic has just wrapped up six weeks at #1.

So from virtual New Year’s Eve, 1978, I wanted to say hello! to you all in virtual 1990, and how much I’ve been blown away by the column. Consistently engaging and fresh writing from Tom, and a truly unique community of online commenters. (I do my best to read all of them.)

It’s an amazing community, and watching it unfold has been fascinating… seeing commenters show up (and rarely leave, as if this were an inverted/ enjoyable Hotel California)… the sub-columns… the respect and education and amazing amazing personal stories… all gives so much depth to this thing we all love, music.

I won’t be able to mention everyone, but here’s to you all (some since the beginning!):

Stobgopper, YBB, Teawls, cokeparty, highrise…

Looney Joe, storkknees, LinkCrawford, JerseyJan, Leigeis Siegel, irishbearaz, RADDman, vails…

BixMeister, ArchieLeech, tleo, Chipotle, Rabbits Rabbits…

Brigit, blochead, babystrange, ex-edmontonian, dwmacg, virgindog, Love the 70s, cappie the dog, mt58…

I wonder how many of you are still here, who’s new, and what you’ve been talking about. I’m returning to 1979 now. See you in 13 or 14 virtual years!

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#5  rollerboogie
Score:51 | Sep 24th

I was only a teacher for 4 years, but most of those years coincided with NKOTB mania. Around the time of the release of “Step by Step”, I have the distinct memory of a wild-eyed 8th grade girl running up to me before class, grabbing me and dramatically proclaiming “He touched my arm!!! Jordan touched my arm!!!” I thought she was going to collapse on the spot. She had been at a New Kids show and was with a massive crowd of girls by the corridor where the band came out and she was close enough up front to be slightly grazed on the arm by Jordan Knight. That was all she needed to go into a state of hysteria, where she apparently still resided when she came to school the next day. I had borne witness to the power of teen idols before but I had never seen it quite like that. I know entire books have been written about this phenomenon, but it’s a bit terrifying to encounter it in the wild. I can only imagine what it could be like for the stars themselves to be the center of that kind of intense devotion to levels of near insanity, where they’re an inch away from being ripped to shreds by a rabid mob, and then to have it all go away for many of them almost as quickly as it arrived. It really is a peculiar thing when you think about it.

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#4  Lee Chesnut
Score:56 | Sep 24th

Peaking at #8 behind New Kids on the Block was Depeche Mode with “Enjoy the Silence”, the highest charting single of their career. It’s a 10.

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#3  dustrock
Score:57 | Sep 29th

This song started the debate about whether people are dying from melisma in greater numbers than ever before or if we’re just better at diagnosing it now.

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#2  cadallaca
Score:59 | Sep 27th

Just in awe of the courage shown by the women who testified against him. Also, respect to rock critic Jim DeRogatis, who kept reporting on this story and digging for years while people willfully ignored the evidence.

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#1  Scott Lapatine
Score:64 | Sep 24th

Per the URL this is the 500th Shut Up, Dude. 500 Fridays in a row. 🙂
It’s actually more ’cause sometimes I make a headline typo so the URL was different.
Anyway, thanks for commenting.

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#5  nostratia
Score:-18 | Sep 29th

You did nothing. You’re just an internet rando who thinks typing in a text box on a website somehow counts as activism.

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#4  Wyatt Derp
Score:-20 | Sep 27th

If he’s a convicted child sex offender, he’ll be doing a lot of sucking in prison. Rest assured.

Posted in: R. Kelly Found Guilty Of Racketeering And Sex Trafficking
#3  mjhk75
Score:-28 | Sep 25th

I guess the apple doesn’t fall far from the boring pretentious tree.

Posted in: Thom Yorke’s Son Noah Releases Radiohead-esque Debut Single
#2  tmmmar
Score:-31 | Sep 26th

I was at the concert in western Mass and he never got booed people went crazy for him there and there was no fight so I’m not sure what you were seeing. He freaking rocks and any guy that can rock 2 genres is talented as hell

Posted in: Machine Gun Kelly Gets Booed, Fights Fans At Louder Than Life
#1  tmmmar
Score:-33 | Sep 26th

Unless any of you guys that are trashing MGK can be successful in 2 genres of music then you probably shouldn’t be saying much about him.He’s very talented!! Mgk fan for life!!!

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Score:32 | Sep 24th

I saw Big Thief last week for my first show since the pandemic hit. This was the longest time I’ve gone without seeing a concert in over 20 year. I actually cried at one point just at the joy of being at a show again (and what a fucking show to come back to – I know this sounds hyperbolic but I felt like I was catching Neil Young in the 70s. Just absolute beasts at the height of their powers).

Unrelated but I wanted to drop a little PSA: I saw a bunch of people talking in another thread a week or so ago about their docs telling them to hold off on the vaccine because they’re immunocompromised. There are ZERO contraindications against the vaccine for immunocompromised people. Verified this through FDA/CDC recs and various rheumatologic journals. In fact, immunocompromised individuals should be first in line without exception – I’ve even given third booster shots to lung transplant patients I see in the ER and you don’t get much more immunocompromised than that.

I would seriously seek a second opinion or at least ask your doctor what they are advising their immunocompetent patients to do because with that advice, I’d be suspicious that they’re advice is politically motivated. We recently lost an otherwise great physician from our ER because they have conspiracy brain rot and want to start giving out ivermectin.

Sorry for getting off the topic of music. I, like everyone, just want this to end and I want to get back to seeing shows without a fucking mask.

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