It is! song-for-song it might even be better. But I do get where they're coming from. More-of-the-same will always score lower, since reviewers are looking for music that's doing something different
Good or bad, noone can say Yeezus is boring. Which, imo, is about the biggest negative you can say about a piece of art.
This might be the densest bad-take-to-word ratio I have ever seen. Impressive.
KOKOROKO, Pom Poko and Strange Ranger are definitely worth checking out. I know very little of the rest of this line-up, which I guess is a good thing for a talent festival. Picks from The Netherlands (my home country) are not the best imo, but still decent.
Perhaps, but in this case I'd say you could definitely not ensure everyone's safety this weekend.
A bit, but front-to-back it was less good than the two albums that preceded it. Not sure what to make of the advance singles for 2 tho, they were different but not great. They still slap as a live-band though.
I mean, he's used Blurred Lines as a jumping off point but he does say lots of his old catalogue catered to that culture and that he doesn't feel comfortable with that anymore. Yes, that's far from distancing himself from 'drop it like it's hot' but he's not putting blurred lines in a vacuum.
He's playing here in January, I bought tickets approximately 2 minutes into my first spin of S+F
It's so good. I fully expect it to top my end-of-year list. Like IDLES last year it's just so easy to start Ronin and blow through the entire record, barely realizing time is passing.
Thankfully he still uses them in full force in a live setting
Weird collaboration idea, but it might work.
His gang affiliations being the end of his career isn't a moral standpoint though. Nobody here is saying 'the child rape was fine, it's the gang thing i take issue with'. The mass snitching just makes this a more interesting story. It's like those serial killer docs, their stories being interesting doesn't take anything away from the gruesomeness of their actions. That said, there's definitely an underlying ickyness there, but Tom has commented on that layer in a lot of stories in this column.
I still don't get how you could say that Tove Lo regressed over the years. Yes, opinions and all that, but while Queen of the Clouds had fantastic songs it was comparatively shallow in sound. Lady wood 2 and 3 still had those bangers but also had a consistently interesting sound and sounded way more as album statement than just singles collections. Still, I do agree she's one of the best pop singers out there right now.
Sentient Swam of Wasps sounds like a future Band to Watch, I'd vote for them.
That and the comment about 'I didn't care that much because my guy always one' also seems like a very normal way to view politics as a young person.
In any case, Hamilton should really bring something out again. His first two solo albums were great.
Correction: it has all-killer songs.
I'd actually be intrigued to hear that. Respect motherly craft
Alright, so this song came out and it's been puzzling me all week: . Like, it's such a blatant Billie Eilish rip-off, but I kind of like it? It's so shameless about it too.
Believe it or not, some justice systems don't follow Optics. They have simple, strict rules they follow when arresting someone.
The music got better. It's not that complicated.
I'm going to make the least humble of brags here, but i was there. Those new songs just fit in the set so well. Together with some atoms for peace sprinkled in that show becomes really something else.
True I guess, it looks a bit like Dexter might get to work in that room. I honestly know this song better from sports games, my favourite football team uses this song in chants a lot. Like a lot, a lot.
Why... why does he look so pissed off singing a fun song and doing a fun dance? When he sings 'everybody sees you' it really looks like he's issuing a threat. Have I been misunderstanding this song for ages?
I get what you're saying, but judging a 9-to-5 schedule as incredible work ethic is kind of funny, considering that's what most of us are doing.
I could really get into the naming convention of just having different types of clothing in your rapname. BoogieWithAV-neck, BoogieWithAButtonUpShirt, FatManInAnAmorak ... great potential there
I actually kind of see the point that that type of rock and roll can sound a bit dull in this day and age (I'm a bit burned out on Jack White-type music myself) but man that boygenius reference was reaching in such a forced way
Couple that with hatchie and it was synth heaven all week baby
That's always the sentiment. Popular music is actually in a pretty alright place I think. There's a lot of weird shit at the top of the charts but the way world music is one of the most popular things now is fucking exciting for the future
Is it weird? I feel like popular rap is more and more aimed at making real talk that connects to the kids(tm) as poppy as they can get away with. That's basically what nirvana did. Or maybe they're just getting more and more into guitars. Can't wait until this spirals out of control and we get Uzi laying it down with Deafheaven tbh.
And you get your long-form podcasts from Sun Kil Moon songs.
Nick Waterhouse - S/T James Blake - Assume Form Jessica Pratt - Quiet Signs Pinch Points - Moving Parts Stella Donnelly - Beware of the Dogs The National - I am easy to find Billie Marten - Feeding Seahorses By Hand Charly Bliss - Young Enough Flying Lotus - Flamagra Denzel Curry - ZUU Strange year. Good year tho, can't wait for the second half!
I didn't think they sucked. They didn't slap like the old ones did but they still had some gorgeous melodies jumping over each other. Not even close to bad enough to consider scrapping an album
Caught a Hatchie show last night. Y'all that album is going to a banger. Every new song hit the spot immediately
I like the drums on this. Doesn't happen enough for it to be enjoyable for 8 minutes but for a weird one-off I can respect it.
Agreed. In a festival setting, with a few beers in and shaking off that music-snob coat we all wear during the rest of the year, they're a fun live show. They also forego the whole 'we pretend to be mixing something' thing that DJ's do and just stand on the consoles and wave flags the entire time. God knows why but it's fun.
And for popstars especially more singles than albums. Albums are just single delivery vehicles, the overall quality barely matters
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