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Sorry for the delay on this, guys. It’s like 3AM here. Really epic night, though. Lana did three songs and the escargot is like, the G.O.A.T. escargot. My table is me, Bret Easton Ellis, Andre Leon Tally, Jodorowsky, Ellen, Lil Terio, Rick Rubin, the CEO of Adidas, NeNe Leakes, and Rob Kardashian. I’m a little stressed for tomorrow because I lost my Margiela mask in the Hall Of Mirrors. Sad emoji. Your best and worst comments of the week are below.


#10 mickrandom26 | May 19th Score:25

“A fake witches nose, wig, and beard = random costume. Not my idea of a stereotype of anybody…. But shit, it was ninety-nine cents!”

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#9 LeMonjello | May 22nd Score:28

Okay, maybe I shouldn’t have been so dismissive. My reaction was more to defuse the kind of manufactured outrage these “where’s the beef” articles usually bring up. Usually about much more trivial subjects. That being said, I still don’t see it as a big deal that they used a famous actor to portray a transexual. Sincerely, why not? the message is the same isn’t it? I mean, yes they could have, and that would have been interesting in and of itself, but instead they got a famous actor who would probably bring in more viewers, therefore more people seeing this ‘story’. which is a good message. I guess it’s the complaint of ‘You’re not being pro LGBT enough!” that gets me.

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#8 johnnyfuckhead | May 20th Score:29

This situation isn’t as Black and White as it’s made out to be.

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#7 LeMonjello | May 19th Score:30

‘eyes taped back, fake teeth, kimono = random costume’

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#6 cbishop | May 22nd Score:30

I get her point, but playing something you are not is kind of what acting is all about, isn’t it?

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Devin Tydides Bambrick | May 20th Score:33

“And people go sniffing around looking for this shit. And ultimately it’s no one’s business.”

On Stereogum’s regular feature Where’s The Beef.

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#4 scruffy | May 19th Score:34

Everyone is all up in arms about the anti-Semitic overtones here (which are inexcusable), but it seems like we’re all ignoring the other heinous thing happening.

Cultural appropriation of witches.

Witches are another sub-sect of society that have been historically downtrodden and persecuted. They’ve been burned at the stake, drowned, ran out of towns with pitchforks, and reduced to their own handful of cultural stereotypes.

J.K. Rowling made witches “cool” over a decade ago, and now Macklemore has decided to add another bit of appropriated paraphernalia to his already bursting arsenal of cultural appropriation.

A witch nose. For Christ’s sake, is there any group he won’t steal from? Shame, dude, shame.

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#3 americanrobb | May 18th Score:36

St. Vincent was awesome. It appears that some people are not familiar with her unique sound and performance art. NOT a horrible performance in the least. I guess some people don’t dare allow themselves to think out of the box musically.

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#2 michael_ | May 19th Score:36

“I’m inclined to take the guy at his word here, if only because it’s impossible to imagine anyone — especially a mainstream entertainer — could be so blatantly insensitive on purpose.”


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#1 drgonzo | May 19th Score:44

See this is what happens when you shop for clothes at a thrift shop. You buy things without realizing their meaning. For instance, just last week I found this really awesome ghost costume. The top was all pointy for some reason, but it was really accurate otherwise! But when I wore it to the costume party at work everyone kept giving me these really disgusted looks…

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#5 blochead | May 22nd Score:-15

I know I say it every single week…..but DAMN. Stereogum having a weekly article on pop goings on breaks my heart. Trivial crap. I’m begging you….stop this madness.

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#4 stephale000 | May 18th Score:-23

The only positive thing about St Vincent’s performance is that it wasn’t as bad as Lana del Rey’s performance

Posted in: SNL Season Finale: Solange/Jay Z Cold Open, EDM & Pharrell Digital Shorts, St. Vincent Confounds Twitter

Maxwell Spencer | May 18th Score:-26

check out the snobby St. Vincent fans who will stick by every bad decision she ever makes. She cancelled shows people already bought tickets to to play this atrocity of a television show. You can make fun of the dumbasses for not getting the “Digital Witness” but they were right about one thing. It was terrible. If she went on here a few years ago and played “Cruel” or “The Strangers” no one would have said anything because she was less weird and those songs dont suck. Dont act like you like her new album more than you actually do. Its the most hollow thing shes put out yet and you will eat it up because you thing saying you listen to something like “St. Vincent” means you listen to better music than the mainstreamers but really youre just giving in to that Pitchfork rating. Theres no way anyone could have listened to that album and felt something real. She pisses me off. Shes on something now, she looks fucking awful.

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#2 BarnLife | May 18th Score:-29

I think you meant ’Twitter was right on.’

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#1 justabrobro | May 22nd Score:-35

Isn’t playing something you are not what transgender is all about?

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Tiffany Anderson | May 22nd Score:0

That, and I think he was just riffing a bit and enjoying their performance. It shows what kind of person he is,not totally covering up their beautiful music with his singing. I don’t think he forgot the lyrics at all. This article is dumb.

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  1. Weird, this was posted at 10:10. (Add 1 to the mins and secs… obvs.)

    Oh, and it was posted on May twenty-THREE.



  2. im so fucked up fright now lol

  3. That bottom comment may be the most clever bigoted statement I’ve ever seen. Still downvoted it.

  4. So close and yet so far.

  5. I’m not sure where else to post this, but I think it’s high time for Stereogum to do a redesign where the news posts aren’t pushed off the front page in like an hour. Sometimes I completely miss interesting stories because they just don’t last long on the front page.

    Not that I think you guys need to copy Pitchfork any more, but maybe the news section should scroll?

    • Working on it.

      • Another suggestion: Bulking up posts with embedded content (example: a ton of embedded tweets, YouTube videos, etc.) really slows the pace down of a page load. Sometimes it’s necessary, but more often that not, and lately, it’s been frustrating reading some posts when the load time locks up the browser (and I tend to use Firefox, have tried it on my laptop, phone and tablet with the same effect.)

  6. So what do you guys think are some of the best underrated releases this year so far? I know I’m all about that new Little Dragon.

    • I really thought PUP’s debut would get more love. Maybe there’s just too many new pop-punk acts running around, but that record is just so full of effortlessly catchy shout-along moments that it stood out from the pack.

    • East India Youth has been crimilally ignored by much of the indie community, ‘Looking For Someone’ is one of the most compelling songs I’ve heard all year. Any fans of James Blake or Berlin era Bowie should definitely take a listen. Line of Best Fit did some decent coverage, but otherwise I’ve seen nothing on the sites I frequent. Seen him live twice, and the performance is a real killer too.

      Other than that, White Hinterland’s new album is absolutely gorgeous; ‘Ring the Bell’ has so much singalong momentum and the following track ‘David’ is almost a tear jerker for me (which is really saying something because I literally never cry). The whole thing is catchy as fuck. It did get a bit of a mention in a Stereogum think piece, but other than that not seen much about it on the ‘Gum.

    • Definitely The Woods “With Light and With Love”

      The title track’s my summer jam and I’ve probably listened to that album more than anything else released this year minus The War on Drugs.

      I think they’re so consistently good, they just kinda get ignored, but I really like the increased fidelity on the new one. Really sings on vinyl.

    • The Friendly Fires track Before Your Eyes is sensational. Probably my favorite song released so far in 2014. They’re easy to lump into a genre of modern indiepop UK music but they deserve a lot of credit. It’s an ambitious track that’s easy to embrace. Second, seeing Bombay Bicycle Club in NY’s Webster Hall made me a big fan of their new material.

  7. I’m really excited the Blood Brothers are reuniting, but a week later, I don’t think I can make it out to FYF because I hate the flights available around the time, generally hate traveling, it’s costly and already made the trip out there once this year for Coachella (which I want to again say I didn’t have my heart on going to and wanted to save my Cali trip for FYF, but alas, tickets were force gifted onto me, make this all that more frustrating today….)

    It feels like I’m never going to get to see the Blood Brothers. I still have two unused tickets tickets from circa ’04 because my friend at the time dodged out last minute and college me didn’t feel like driving out to Boston alone.

    Definitely feeling guilty and sad about not being able to finally see one of my favorite bands…

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