Shut Up, Dude: This Week’s Best And Worst Comments

TGIF. Enjoy this week’s list of snowflakes below.


#10  cheap_suit_jr_jr
Score:24 | Jan 25th

Just to confirm: the crybaby in this scenario is not you, the guy who is unable to find a “normal life” because of what other people post on social media.

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#9  mickrandom26
Score:25 | Jan 24th

Rain drop, drop top, should’ve picked Allison Crutchfield for the top spot.

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#8  charliepanayi
Score:28 | Jan 25th

Well, in terms of age and race Slayer (well most of them anyway) are Trump’s major demographic.

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#7  Michael Nelson
Score:28 | Jan 25th

False binary. Tom Araya said some stuff that I think is indefensibly gross; I responded by saying, “That’s indefensibly gross.” Divergent opinions expressed by two parties, neither calling for the other to be silenced. If anything, Araya comes closer to trying to “smother” opposing voices when he says: “I never would have guessed that there were so many snowflakes commenting their distaste for the new president. Like him or not he is the president.” Also: I’m not trying to prove how “metal” I am because, like, I’m a fucking grown man, but maybe you can tell me how “metal” it is to say, “Like him or not he is the president”? When I was coming up, that kinda shit wasn’t really “metal.”

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#6  el goodo
Score:28 | Jan 25th

The best possible ways for liberals to respond to Trump supporters are to:

(1) debate the validity of their arguments using facts and logic – not ad hominem, strawman, or tu quoque,

(2) acknowledge when people on your own side are incorrect or unreasonable, and

(3) have a sense of humor.

NB: These are also the best ways for Trump supporters to respond to liberals.

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#5  saturnian
Score:29 | Jan 20th

This column is fitting today, as I’ve been wanting to say “Shut Up, Dude” every time Trump opens his mouth.

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#4  Chris DeVille
Score:30 | Jan 25th

It would be nice if the first comment under this deeply moving song wasn’t so cynical.

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#3  phospholipidbilayer
Score:39 | Jan 25th

This reminder of Slayer’s existence also reminds me of the existence of one of my favorite Facebook pages

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#2  Scott Lapatine
Score:39 | Jan 20th
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#1  Tony Harrison
Score:56 | Jan 25th

I can’t speak for others, but in me all it triggers is the belief that whoever uses it is probably an asshole.

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#4  PretentiousJerk
Score:-26 | Jan 24th

Congrats to the doctor for ridding the world of another pedophile

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#3  undergroundspoon
Score:-27 | Jan 25th

Oh good, another seminal artist to get overdue praise because of a death narrative.

It would be nice if a career reevaluation didn’t require tragedy to get jumpstarted.

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#2  Danny Burch
Score:-28 | Jan 25th

Damn Tom Breihan, for a little privileged rich kid whose adolescent life was undeniably sheltered, and who grew up into a posturing music reviewer who vicariously lives through hip hop to give yourself an unearned sense of street and diversity cred, you sure aren’t trying to mask how at your core, you only real defense mechanism is to resort to hurling obscenities like your a 14 year old girl who just learned curse words, and who is acting wayyy to sensitive to ever walk in any of the neighborhoods of the rappers you worship.

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Score:20 | Jan 23rd

Wow so he took that brooch thing pretty hard, huh

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