Kanye West Just Called Hot 97 To Say I Love You

Since returning to Twitter last week, Kanye West has gone back to doing what Kanye West does best: courting controversy. In the midst of tweeting about his various upcoming projects and seemingly tweeting his entire philosophy book, he tweeted in support of conservative pundit Candace Owens and tweeted a bunch of videos from Dilbert creator and Trump supporter Scott Adams. Yesterday, Hot 97 host and rap personality Ebro Darden claimed to have had a conversation with Kanye in which he said, “I do love Donald Trump.” Fucking Alex Jones invited Kanye onto his show, which is never a good look.

So when Kanye West called into Hot 97 during a commercial break today, Darden took the call, presumably expecting him to offer some clarification on his recent comments. He didn’t do that. Instead, as MissInfo reports, he said, “I just called to say I love you.” And then he said it again. And again. Then he sang it in his best Stevie Wonder impression. And when Ebro asked if he wanted to talk about any of his upcoming projects, Kanye added, “We can meet up in person and then we can talk on the radio afterwards. But I just wanted to call and say I love you.”

Basically, it was a very bizarre appearance, and Ebro and cohost Peter Rosenberg seemed understandably baffled by the whole thing. Meanwhile, Kanye continues to tweet half motivational, half nonsensical things, and the world continues to turn on its axis. More at 11.

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