Shut Up, Dude: This Week’s Best And Worst Comments

Before we get to this week’s best and worst comments let’s review all the terrific features we read this week. We saw Michael Tedder braving Smashing Pumpkins’ guest-heavy anniversary show, Brian Josephs talking to rising Maryland rapper Rico Nasty, Ryan Reed catching up with SDRE’s Jeremy Enigk, Chris DeVille explaining how Bebe Rexha conquered country, Grace Birnstengel reflecting on her scene kid past at Warped Tour, Ryan Leas building our latest Ultimate Playlist with 30 essential grunge songs to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Mudhoney’s debut single (which Phil Freeman wrote about here), Nate Patrin revisiting 8 notable Depeche Mode covers, Tom Breihan reviewing the latest LPs from Denzel Curry and Amanda Shires, Ian Chainey and The Black Market guys ranking the month’s best metal tracks, Rachel Brodsky tracking down Live’s Ed Kowalczyk, and Katherine Cusumano discussing the new Nico movie with director Susanna Nicchiarelli. Have a nice weekend.


#10  Psalm for the Dead
Score:29 | Jul 30th

I feel my frozen, dead heart melting away.

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#9  cokeparty
Score:30 | Jul 30th

Should’ve just wrote a song called Peter $ in order to combine her love of both things. Unrelated note, I’m presently hauling ass to get to MBV earlier now that I realized the opening band is J Mascis doing proto metal with Japanese Psych vibes.

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#8  trambopoline
Score:31 | Jul 29th

i didn’t think this song could get any better, and it definitely didn’t

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#6  mjhk75
Score:32 | Jul 31st

Jason Isbell proofreads his wife’s reviews. What a sweetheart!

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#5  undergroundspoon
Score:33 | Aug 1st

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#4  Slippery_Scott
Score:33 | Aug 1st

You and your hiiiiiiiiiigh hooooooooorse

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#3  Jeff Buc-lee
Score:33 | Jul 31st

Pictured: The Stereogum staff and their new outfits from Spotify

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#2  _chiltron
Score:34 | Jul 30th

dude all relationships are confusing

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#1  LeMon
Score:34 | Jul 27th

🐀 =/= 🐍

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#5  Win
Score:-10 | Jul 28th

Just create a new account, for fuck’s sake. If you want the followers back, promote the shit out of it on Twitter or something.

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#4  jimvrountree
Score:-11 | Aug 1st

Dude, wtf is this list?

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#3  Win
Score:-11 | Jul 28th

I’m not sure what sucks more, Weezer’s version of “Africa” or “Beverly Hills”. More than happy to see it was passed up in favor the ludicrous nonsense that is “Hash Pipe”. Can’t be worse than Weezer’s cover, anyway.

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Score:-12 | Aug 1st

For someone who claims to not be that into the Beatles, you sure do give a lot of 9s and 10s to songs of theirs that I think are sort of middling.

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#1  byers
Score:-16 | Jul 28th

It’s unfortunate that soundcloud accounts aren’t free and available for everyone to create at will. Oh, they are?

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  James Rettig
Score:7 | Aug 2nd

Everyone’s ignoring the most important part of this post which is definitely the Sims videos!!!!!!!!

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