James Blake’s New Album Assume Form Reportedly Coming This Month

Back in 2016, the foxy British mood-summoner James Blake released The Colour In Anything, his most recent album, with just a day of advance notice. Maybe he planned to do something like that with his next album instead. But thanks to Amazon fuckups and sharp-eyed online fans, we now have time to mentally prepare ourselves for a new Blake album. There’s at least some chance that the man will release the new LP Assume Form this month.

As this Reddit thread points out, there’s a French Amazon pre-order page for Assume Form, which will apparently be out 1/25. And while I can’t figure out how to navigate French Amazon to confirm this stuff — or maybe the page has since been altered — there’s even a list of prospective guests on the album. According to those reports, Assume Form will feature contributions from André 3000, Travis Scott, Moses Sumney, Rosalía, Metro Boomin, and UK rapper SwaVay.

All of this checks out. Blake is starting a North American tour in February. He teased an André 3000 collab during a Brooklyn DJ set last month. And he’s collaborated with many of those other artists before. Blake sang on Travis Scott’s single “Stop Trying To Be God” last year, and he also performed with Scott at the VMAs. Blake has toured with Sumney, and he remade Sumney’s “Make Out In My Car” last year. Last year, Blake also teamed up with SwaVay on “Billy.” And while I’m pretty sure he’s never worked with Metro Boomin or Rosalía in the past, it’s fascinating to imagine what he could do with either of them. Also, Assume Form totally looks like a James Blake album title.

Of course, this could still turn out to be an elaborate fake. Or it could be that release plans have changed, or that they will change now that the rumor mill has been activated. (We’ve sent an inquiry to Blake’s PR reps, and we’ll let you know if we hear anything.) But for now, let’s just hope. Blake has been appearing on bigger and bigger records lately, and it would be extremely cool to hear him at work with some of the more mainstream pop-music types with whom he’s been intersecting lately.

Here’s the tracklist, as it appears on that Amazon page:

01 “Assume Form”
02 “Mile High”
03 “Tell Them”
04 “Into The Red”
05 “Barefoot In The Park”
06 “Can’t Believe The Way We Flow”
07 “Are You In Love?”
08 “Where’s The Catch?”
09 “I’ll Come Too”
10 “Power On”
11 “Don’t Miss It”
12 “Lullaby For My Insomniac”

Fingers crossed.

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