Shut Up, Dude: This Week’s Best And Worst Comments

Shut Up, Dude: This Week’s Best And Worst Comments

I don’t wanna write about politics here today, so let’s review what happened in the world of entertainment this week: Armie Hammer will no longer star in the new JLo movie after he was accused of being a cannibal. The Masked Dancer‘s Moth was revealed to be Elizabeth Smart. And the hottest social media trend is quarantined teens harmonizing on sea shanties. Each more disturbing than the last! Glad we only cover music here.


#10  JojoTheTaker
Score:36 | Jan 9th

Considering he just lost 4,500 of the 5K people who buy his records, probably a wise decision.

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#9  ursaminorjim
Score:37 | Jan 11th

“We really needed a reflection of our world’s greatest problem, which is not climate change but sociopathy and narcissism.”

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#8  ursaminorjim
Score:37 | Jan 9th

Totally misread the headline. Thought it was saying that after he left DC, he stopped in at his label to say hello or something.

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#7  marko
Score:38 | Jan 12th

And here I was hoping “You Took My Sadness Out Of Context At … Complex“ was another new track of hers.

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#6  BixMeister
Score:39 | Jan 11th

A few songs back I claimed that I had a good batting average for couples when it came to DJing their wedding reception. Off the top of my head, I can only think of one couple who I DJ’d for whose marriage ended in divorce. There are two marriages in 1986 I can’t confirm one way or another because on one I lost contact with the couple, and the other was for a couple I never met before, and haven’t seen since, probably with good reason.

A few months before I had DJ’d for an 30th anniversary party a coworker had for her parents. It was a night heavily peppered with Doo-wop and Motown and classic 60s Rock. People drank and danced, fun was had, and I basically made pocket change, because I was doing it for a friend. A few weeks later my friend told me that one of the party goers wondered if I would DJ for her daughter’s wedding. After playing phone tag with the mother, I agreed to DJ for $175. We agreed that I would be paid when I set up.

The night of the wedding, I drove to the boondocks southeast of St. Paul, and then drove 10 miles more, eventually finding the reception hall. I set up, using speakers I borrowed from my brother-in-law’s shop. Setting up was the first time I officially met the couple, and members of the family. The mother had given me general direction, so I had a good variety of music packed. I reminded the mother about my fee, she said “After the dollar dance.” She had emphasized the importance of the dollar dance, so I had a metric ton of slow dance songs ready.

Growing up the dollar dance was a given for me, but I have since learned that it isn’t universal. The dollar dance is a chance for everyone to dance with the bride or groom, so long as they fork over a dollar. The best man and maid of honor collect the money, and then you dance with the bride or groom, until it is the next person’s time. When the dollar dance started at this wedding, I believe the kegs had been flowing, maybe a little too much. I say this because I played slow songs for 45 minutes.

I can’t remember everything, of course, but I know I played “Your Song,” “You Make Me Feel Brand New” “The Way You Look Tonight” and the then current Number One, “True Colors.” Women danced with the bride, guys jokingly with the groom. I kept the CDs and LPs ready if there was someone waiting in the line, I was ready to play all night. When you play music for 45 minutes, and people wait in line, paying at least $1 each, 2-3 people per minute, times two, you know they raked in the dough. I reminded the mother about my fee, she walked away.

Soon after the dollar dance a fight broke out in the parking lot. The mother of the bride was wasted and ready to call it a night. I reminded her that I needed to be paid, she stumbled away. I played until I was supposed to quit to a dwindling number of drunk wedding goers. As I was packing up, I cornered the mother of the bride to ask for my $175. She all but ignored me as she was yelling at her new son-in-law for an undisclosed reason. Luckily, I recognized my coworker’s parents and had them intercede on my behalf.

Now my coworker was no shrinking violet, but the rest of the family made her appear to be one in comparison. “Pay the DJ what you owe him. I know you made more than that in that freaking dollar dance,” my coworker’s mom yelled at her sister.

That night I took home $200 in ones, fives, tens, and twenties.

I never ran into any of the wedding party again, but I’d bet on divorce. Since then, I only DJ for close friends

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#5  trambopoline
Score:39 | Jan 9th

well well well, if it isn’t the consequences of my own actions

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#4  phenste
Score:40 | Jan 9th

Actual conspiracy-theorist level with his comments abt ppl being made-up bots kdfsljhgklfdf boiiiiiii you are not running for President no one gives enough of a fuck to make Facebook accounts dedicated to hating on you

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#3  BixMeister
Score:46 | Jan 8th

I watched the video last night in preparation for today and I couldn’t help think of the contrast you pointed out. I know there is an agreement to keep politics out, but…


The very fabric of our country, our strength is built on cultures coming together. It is built on aspiring. Those are the dreams.

However, it was also built on the backs of others, on slaves, on indigenous genocide.

Vote however, up vote me, give me the thumbs down, I don’t care. We can’t normalize a coup on our country. We can’t normalize antisemitism, racism, fascism and Nazism and excuse it any longer, or claim it as economic anxiety when the motherfuckers (see far below) took private jets, or went back to their suburban Chicago McMansions after ransacking our democracy.

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#2  dansolo
Score:47 | Jan 9th

Sticky Fingers tho

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#1  Rory
Score:53 | Jan 12th

If there’s one thing I am certain LDR is qualified to speak on, it’s narcissism

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#5  screech
Score:-18 | Jan 9th

This discussion already took place ad nauseam over the summer. Two groups of people can be part of the same protest and it’s unfair to conflate the violent rioters with people who expressed their views peacefully.

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#4  screech
Score:-18 | Jan 9th

It’s certainly his record company’s call but if he was there strictly as a peaceful protester than this seems a bit excessive to me.

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#3  Trump4Ever
Score:-19 | Jan 9th

Gee are you describing Seattle or Portland? You’re intellectually dishonest. 75 million of us will always question the results of this election. Stop painting us with the same brush as the idiots who were LET INTO the Capitol building by police.


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#2  roland1824
Score:-22 | Jan 11th

The flippant casualness with which this guy tosses out blanket statements that make or break peoples livelihoods, if not their actual lives, without even a cursory acknowledgement of the real damage continuing the longer this goes on is galling.

Also he couches this in a strange way with “performers feeling safe performing on stage” as if this is already not possible. It’s happening on all these live streams we have been seeing for months.

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#1  optimuspigg
Score:-23 | Jan 9th

His music rules, I don’t give a fuck who he votes for. If we need all our artists to be ‘good people’, let’s dump the Rolling Stones too and just jerk off to Mother Teresa speeches

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  raptor jesus
Score:29 | Jan 13th

My wings are spicy.
My hands are hot.
And I’m on my knees.
Looking for the answer.
Are we Human?
Or are we hot sauce?

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