Shut Up, Dude: This Week’s Best And Worst Comments

Shut Up, Dude: This Week’s Best And Worst Comments

This week we fixed over two dozen bugs related to our last redesign; you won’t notice the minor cosmetic tweaks and CMS improvements, but it’s progress. A few things you may notice, though: Heavy Rotation archives are back (and will eventually be searchable), our Contact Page and 404 Page are new, and by popular demand we’ve added a basic page that just lists every article we publish in reverse chron: (there’s a link to here in the footer). Bigger projects like search, image optimization, cover story archives, Number Ones navigation, and the long-promised commenting system relaunch are still being worked on. We don’t have full-time developers or a lot of money, so it’s taking a long time! Thank you for your patience. Your best and worst comments are below.


#10  thegue
Score:34 | Feb 24th

Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam’s “Head to Toe” to YouTube official video comments:

1. “Michelle Visage is so Jersey her idea of classical music is Lisa Lisa”- Sasha Velour

2. So who remembers doing “The Prep” back in the 1980’s? This was my “Prep” song; and I can still do it!! Full Force and Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam were “the Ticket” and still are! This song brought everyone to the dance floor in high school!!

3. This song and ‘Lost in Emotion’ are like lost Motown hits, just with synths and drum machines.

4. I’m gonna wear my stone wash jeans pegged with some Reebok hightops. Shoulder pad jacket with a keytar draped over my shoulder when I drive my 86 Fiero tomorrow.

5. I just found Paul Abdul´s unrecognised sister!


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#9  you beautiful bastard.
Score:34 | Feb 19th

I’m at Ikea and a guy maybe 22 years old was singing along with “Peg” over the PA. It’s a fucking great song so I couldn’t help but join in. And then I said, “You know that song is about porn, right?” And dude said, “And now I love it better!”


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#8  Krillin
Score:35 | Feb 19th

Whatever y’all have heard from Texas, it’s worse. We are a failed state. Not in a funny, “hah, Texas wants to be it’s own country,” more late USSR vibes with leaders actively pedaling conspiracies, the state energy board profiteering off our misery from abroad (five of those fuckers don’t live in the state) and price gouging galore. I’m safe, but doing some mutual aid work this weekend to counterbalance the fraction of a fractile of a fuck our elected officials seem to give about us. If you’ve got an extra buck, find a Texas mutual aid fund, because boy-howdy do we need it.

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#7  SedgwickAve
Score:35 | Feb 19th

Me thinks her rationale here, leaving an unstable dude, is probably weightier than “who wins the breakup?”

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#6  clang
Score:36 | Feb 22nd

gutted that i’ll never get to see them live. it’s amazing how many times they changed the world with just four studio albums. what a loss.

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#5  Brigit
Score:39 | Feb 22nd

This was the first-dance song at my sister-in-law’s first wedding, a bit less than two virtual years from now. It was probably the least memorable thing about that event.

She originally asked me to be a bridesmaid and H an usher, but she had a fight with her maid of honor a month before the wedding. There were only a couple of kids in the wedding party beside me- my in-laws had moved to Phoenix the summer before her senior year in high school- so she asked me to fill in as maid of honor. Therefore I couldn’t very well drop out when my dad’s mother died early in the week. We did leave a day later, so I could at least go the wake. My father traveled a lot for business at the time, and he was good enough to use his frequent-flyer perks not only to change the ticket but to upgrade us to first class, which was not only pleasant but allowed my enormous red satin pouf dress, in which I looked a bit like a giant maraschino cherry, to travel uncrumpled.

At the rehearsal, in the church, my purse was stolen and I had to go get all new makeup, no small thing in the 80s. The rehearsal dinner was held at a restaurant where they cut off the neckties of any men who showed up wearing them and hung them from the ceiling (the ties, that is). The happy couple entered the reception to the theme from Rocky, certainly a better #1 than this but far more out of place. The best man gave an incoherent toast ending in a wish that the sex keep going forever.

I do not know what the first-dance songs were at my sister-in-law’s subsequent weddings, because we weren’t invited.

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#4  Virgindog
Score:42 | Feb 19th

My feeling is America sent this to #1 to apologize for not doing the same with “Kids In America” in 1981.

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#3  spoonman
Score:47 | Feb 22nd

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#2  blochead
Score:48 | Feb 19th

What in the fuck with the top 10? Does a soul have to write a 47 paragraph dissertation to make a point up in this bitch nowadays? Doris, oh doris, what has become of your site?

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#1  spoonman
Score:57 | Feb 25th

Please also don’t shoot people, IMO!

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#5  Bruce Fluffer
Score:-11 | Feb 22nd

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#4  Ramesh
Score:-13 | Feb 24th

“The Fat Boys Were Important” WOW, really? Need a headline writer over there?

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#3  blochead
Score:-17 | Feb 19th

A question for Kanye. You famously once said to Wiz Kalifa, regarding Amber Rose, “You let a stripper trap you” (into getting pregnant with Wiz’s child). Are you therefore four times as gullible as Wiz? Have a MAGA day.

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#2  HiveIslet
Score:-17 | Feb 19th

If Kanye releases a great album in the next couple years, it’s not a good look for Kim.

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#1  Bruce Fluffer
Score:-19 | Feb 22nd

Counter counterpoint: Daft Punk was a letdown and massively overrated.

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  big in japanda bear hands say yeah yeah yeahs
Score:26 | Feb 22nd

Grimes’ kid: “What’s my name again?”

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