Shut Up, Dude: This Week’s Best And Worst Comments

Shut Up, Dude: This Week’s Best And Worst Comments

The heavy hitters returned this week — Kanye! Drake! ABBA! — with new music and lousy album covers. (Can someone shoot these folks Robert Beatty’s contact info?) But thank you ABBA for not making your album 20+ tracks. Your best and worst comments about Donda, CLB, and “We Didn’t Start The Fire” are below.


#10  thegue
Score:45 | Aug 27th

Billy Joel’s “We Didn’t Start the Fire” top YouTube official video comments:

1. i remember my 5th grade teacher made us break down the lyrics to this song and write down what each topic billy joel was talking about meant. at first we were mad, because it was a lot of work, and we had 2 weeks to fully complete it! in the end it ended up being a great assignment, i learned a lot from researching these topics. it’s sad that there is no more good music like billy joel,
or good teacher like mr. johnson…

2. For someone who didn’t start a fire, Billy Joel sure is defensive about it.

3. As of just hours ago the war in afghanistan is over with the Taliban establishing the new Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan. History repeats itself

4. Imagine how helpful this song was to Captain America when he was unfrozen

5. I had a dream about this song being a $250,000 question on Millionaire. The question was about which historic event was not mentioned in the song.

6. I’m sure they’re blasting this at the only fans offices

7. History teacher: You can’t learn the entire history session in 4 minutes.
Billy: Hold my piano

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#9  Fried Sauerkraut
Score:45 | Aug 27th

Can’t wait for v4 with verses from Kevin Spacey and Louis C.K.

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#8  ursaminorjim
Score:46 | Aug 30th

Nerd ass jock.

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#7  Decatur Or
Score:47 | Aug 27th

only way to up the ante from here is to bring out OJ Simpson next time

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#6  thepowerout
Score:52 | Aug 29th

oh my GOD can we be done with this roll out

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#4  LobeliaS-B
Score:60 | Aug 29th

Hopefully Brian Warner understands that first hand real soon

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#3  Turd on the Run
Score:63 | Aug 29th

I think whoever wins we lose

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#2  StupidAsshole
Score:68 | Aug 30th

Not sure what is more disturbing, the Kanye inclusion of those three artists or that every single article I read about Donda mentions how DaBaby is a pariah for saying something homophobic onstage (which a rapper has NEVER done before as we all know) instead of you know…punching a black woman in the face on camera. Or touring during a pandemic. I guess verbal violence against progressive whites will always matter more to the public and the media than actual, recorded violence against black women. Unless they’re already famous like Rihanna of course.

Oh, and the album is too long.

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#1  juneyards
Score:86 | Aug 30th

As an album cover, hideous. As a statement of intent to impregnate women of every race, effective.

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#5  wolfvonbeowulf
Score:-19 | Aug 30th

Here’s a thought: If anyone other than white progressives bent the arc of history the last 100 years toward their own cultural mores, we would not be having a conversation about homophobia right now

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#4  sandro
Score:-23 | Aug 30th

It was a public figure asking another public figure if he was being a douchebag. People’s parents die all the time. That’s no excuse to be a douchebag for a prolonged period of time

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#3  evanseesred
Score:-23 | Aug 27th

Dave Grohl has some terrific PR folks.

Seriously, everyone thats complained about the kid suing Nirvana should pause and ask: am I just going along with group think and what Grohl’s team wants me to think? Is Grohl that wonderful of a person?

$200 they paid that kid, before he was able to agree to what he was doing. Nobody in the band thinks “hey, maybe we should give him an extra $10,000 since it turned out to be one of the biggest selling records of all time”? This is what happens when people stop treating people like, ya know, people. You may think he’s a brat, but maybe, just maybe, one of the wealthiest musicians on the planet could have been a bit generous on that one.

But don’t think about that. No, let’s have the PR agent put out stories like this and continue trying to make Grohl seem like a great guy. It seems to be working on this bunch.

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#2  Legal Eagle
Score:-29 | Sep 2nd

My parents taught me many valuable lessons. One of the most important was that Abba is garbage.

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#1  charniss
Score:-37 | Aug 27th

Kanye is not broken.

Dababy made a single ill-advised AIDS joke. Have you seen how absurdly vitriolic the hatred toward him is online? Why do you guys want this to be culture?

I’m not for disposing of human beings over single bad jokes. I’m not for pretending human beings are only their worst moments for upvotes. This livestream was beautiful, ludicrous, problematic, ambitious– everything I want from art, and Kanye West is the only person at that level brave enough to even attempt something like this.

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Score:40 | Sep 1st

My parents were friends with the Bolotin’s before Michael became famous. The story is long and winding and funny and kinda painful, but, long story short (and skipping the painful bits which has little to do with the Bolotins), one of my earliest memories is having breakfast with Michael in a New Haven diner when I was two or so. His first wife and my mom were great friends, and both ended up splitting from their husbands and helping each other through. The Jim Cary impression of Michael Bolton singing so hard his head exploded on In Living Color was on several tapes in my house, and most weekends was both preceded and followed by lots of cheap wine, candles and talking and nodding at each other. These snippets I remember, but I cannot say much about Michael as a person – I was so young. Though his influence remained in my mom’s house through my childhood. Basically, due to my mom’s friendship with Michael’s ex-wife and the fact that Michael was so famous, Michael’s ex gave my mom a lot of Michael Bolton’s old stuff she had in storage, which, actually, was often brand new. Rugs, furniture, etc. We had so many Michael Bolton hand-me-downs I literally brought some of Michael Bolton’s old sheets to college.
I haven’t heard my mom talk about Michael’s ex (not naming names for privacy reasons, btw, perhaps silly provided the internet and all but oh well I’m not gonna name her) in a while. Perhaps I will see how she is doing. Always generous, kind, yet still didn’t give a shit about much. My last memory of her was that she was in our house and wanted me to fix her website. I was 13 or so, and I wasn’t much help. Still wouldn’t be.

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