SZA’s New Album S.O.S. Coming In December

SZA’s New Album S.O.S. Coming In December

SZA’s sophomore album is finally coming out for real. Ever since the release of 2017’s spectacular Ctrl, fans of the LA singer’s forward-thinking yet radio-friendly R&B have been eagerly awaiting the follow-up. She’s kept scoring huge hits in the interim, like “Good Days,” “I Hate U,” and the Doja Cat duet “Kiss Me More.” But there have also been some mixed signals from SZA and her record label TDE as to who has been responsible for holding up her new album.

SZA’s excellent new single “Shirt” was billed as the launch of a new era, and the appearance of a “DEC” license plate sticker in its video had fans wondering if SZA’s new album would be arriving next month. A Dec. 3 SNL booking further stoked those rumors. Further promotional hijinks had people speculating that the album would be called S.O.S. Turns out all that guessing was correct. In a new Billboard feature, SZA confirms the new album is called S.O.S. and will be released in December.

No official release date has been revealed, but reporter Heran Mamo describes S.O.S. as SZA’s “most daring body of work yet.” Sonically speaking, it’s “the most captivating music she has ever made, her beloved lo-fi beats sharing space with surf rock within the same track, a grunge record and an acoustic guitar-driven ballad coexisting without either sounding out of place.” Can’t wait to hear it!

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