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What an exciting week to end the month! SCOTUS struck down DOMA. Wendy Davis filibustered to block a Texas abortion ban. Run The Jewels. We have a lot to celebrate. But first, let’s take a look back at the week’s top Stereogum stories… We welcomed back the Dismemberment Plan and the Pixies. We “deconstructed” indie rock optimism and punk nostalgia. We ranked Sigur Rós’s discography and the 10 best T. Rex songs. We reviewed the month in metal, named a band to watch, spoke to Kim Gordon, and saw Wilco cover “Get Lucky.” Busy week! Your reaction to some of those things (and to MGMT’s LP3 announcement) are below.


#10 plastic pants | Jun 22nd Score:9

Oh my lord. Will there even be music next year?

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#8 saturnian | Jun 26th Score:9

Such an underappreciated band. Emergency & I is seriously one of the best albums I have ever heard, both musically and lyrically. Cannot wait for this album.

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Andrew Burr | Jun 25th Score:10

I don’t know about you guys but I’m pretty stoked on hearing it. *shrug*

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Nathan Christensen | Jun 24th Score:10

This is super interesting. It seems like a catchy pop song is more likely to be a “crossover hit” if it comes from the top. Taylor Swift or Ke$ha have no artistic integrity to lose, because they’re part of the commercial machine, so if they pump out an ear worm there’s less shame in a member of the “indie” audience admitting they like it than there is in defending an indie artist who is potentially pandering to a mainstream audience.

I don’t really know what to make of this. Part of me is happy that “indie culture” is shedding its infamous, pretentious hipster stereotype by being open to decent mainstream pop songs, but the fact that there is so much truth behind the sentiment “Hipsters like Justin Timberlake and Beyonce in 2013, not the National” makes me pretty uncomfortable, despite the fact that I’m not even a big fan of the National. Part of me wants douchey elitism to prevail so there’s at least something counteracting the inane bullshit that occupies top 40 radio the majority of the time. I like to think that the rising indie demand contributes to the quality pop songs that come out, and thus blurs the indie-mainstream dichotomy to make popular music less insufferable in general. But that dichotomy still needs to exist for universally appealing artists like Kanye West to continue making music that is interesting. I could be completely off with my perception on this whole thing though.

I dunno man.

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#5 adddo | Jun 25th Score:10

take it up with my parents.

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Matthew Hadley | Jun 25th Score:11

I’m too positive this album will be great.

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#3 adddo | Jun 25th Score:11


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Sam Nabors | Jun 25th Score:19


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Nuno Proença | Jun 25th Score:-4

Thanks, Tom. Comparing the band to James and Ocean Colour Scene is a good way of letting me know I need to stay the hell away from them!

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#4 crania americana | Jun 24th Score:-4

While not liking an album/ giving it poor reviews is totally justifiable, what sticks out as bullshit about this situation in hindsight is the whole “Liz Phair betrayed indie blah blah blah” nonsense that a lot of people bandied about (and still do, really). As long as you’re making musical choices on your own volition, more power to you. Artists are completely in their rights to make something as accessible or inaccessible as they damn well please. Listeners who demand artists to adhere to a certain set of standards regarding quality or sound or whatever and act as if they’ve been personally wronged if they don’t, on the other hand, just come across as extraordinarily childish.

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David Stockdale | Jun 23rd Score:-5

If you care about music at all, sign this petition now:

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#2 i want lou mars inside of me | Jun 21st Score:-5

OH come on! Having “Pigs” and “Dogs” up there but no “Sheep” (which is easily one of their best songs) is absurd. This list smells of casual listener.

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#1 mickrandom26 | Jun 26th Score:-6

How long til we can stop paying attention to this band? Seriously, if this album is full of more self-indulgent crap like Congratulations was (with the exception of the title track), why should we listen to this one?

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adddo | Jun 26th Score:5

Kim, I will date you. Some of my comments on stereogum have had up to and including 6 up-votes. Intrigued?

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Comments (16)
  1. Not a big week Comment wise. Guess everyone was too busy destroying their bedrooms to Run the Jewels.

    I seriously broke a picture frame when the title track first came on.

    I can’t be the only one…right?

  2. Sooooo am I the only one disappointed that Jay-Z is using a cell phone company to push his new album?

    I keep thinking of Ye’s line on one of Jay’s own tracks:

    “What you think I rap for, to push a fucking Rav-4?”

    Ugh. Grossest thing to happen in music this year.

    • Right after that commercial aired I saw a few people on twitter make jokes about how everyone is gonna forget about Yeezus now. This got me about as fired up as anything I’ve seen on twitter. How can you just assume the new Jay-Z album is going to be good? He hasn’t had a great album in ten years. That is actually what first got me thinking about the whole Kanye as the Beatles of our generation thing because I had this analogy in my head where ‘Ye was the Beatles of rap(every album a classic) where as Jay-Z was The Rolling Stones of rap(several great albums but a bunch of stinkers too).

      Oh, the other reason I’m skeptical about the new album? Because the whole cell phone tie in is GIMMICKY AS FUCK.

      So no Raptor, your not the only one. Don’t get me wrong, I”m looking forward to hearing it and I hope it’s great, but if your just assuming it’s going to be a classic because it had a cool commercial you are kidding yourself.

    • Lamest move ever. So Jay-Z though, so ahead of its time, so corporate. I’m waiting for the Weez album that’s a usb stick in a Mountain Dew. Refreshing.

      • “hol up, whoa dere” – this is some distinguished company here. I’ve gotta weigh in and say that the beatles stones = ye jay comparison feels apt as fuxxxxx to me. ye pushes “the game” forward consistently, jay gets the same producers to try and relive the glory days, often to poor effect (e.g., pharrell in permanent latino TOILET mode). you speak to me plb, and it’s as soft as angel whispers.

        Something else I’ve got to get off my chest that’s been weighing me down like a plate of glass with a cold carl on top (FYI: hot carl = dump on yr chest; warm carl = dump on saran wrap on yr chest; cold carl = dump on a plate of glass on yr chest). I feel like, technically (computers, gears, etc.) jay is the more skilled MC, however the content is just so repetitive. No one listened to Blueprint 3 like “Oh, shit, jay used to sling dope??” After a while, it starts to get a lil jeezy, you know? now I get it if the alternative is a no malice “life is with your kids watching madagascar” situash, because NO ONE wants that. but jay is really like your dad at this point, talking about that grade 11 football championship. I know this isn’t an argument that solely applies to jay, but it’s tired. Now, kanye isn’t billy shakespeare or anything, but at least he switches it up a bit each album – it feels like there’s an update. thank GOD jay was a dealer because guy has been pillaging that shit worse than bruce jenner. I would actually prefer to hear an aggressive track about the (ostensible) torture of shilling your 1 meaningful contribution to the world to a cellphone company so that blu can get another $1 million dollar bedroom makeover. that’s the shit I want to hear about. but you know what, probably didn’t even cross his mind that this was WACK AS FUX. Also I’m excited for the album. Also is weezer actually releasing an album in a mountain dew bottle because at this point either them or weezy doing it is completely logical.

        “everybody’s rapping like it’s a commercial,
        acting like life is a big commercial.” – Country Mike.

        A prophet.

        • ” I would actually prefer to hear an aggressive track about the (ostensible) torture of shilling your 1 meaningful contribution to the world to a cellphone company so that blu can get another $1 million dollar bedroom makeover. ”

          Honestly, that explanation would at least be SOMETHING. After I posted the above I thought, “Well, if he’s just doing it to secure his daughter’s future, I could POSSIBLY give him a pass.” But at least come out and say it.

          Trent Reznor took the time to explain why he was signing with a major record label after what I feel was 20 years of him HATING record labels, and waiting to disassociate with one. But he made some good points about not wanting to know what hip music blogs people in Europe read, or what foreign stores you need to advertise your concert at, and such. I’m still not too thrilled about the whole deal, but Trent was up front and honest about it. Although have you been to Youtube and seen a video with Trent’s face on the side advertising his new single? I saw that shit a few weeks ago and it was gross and I wonder if he thought this whole thing through, because the major point I’m trying to express here (for NIN or Jay) is:

          YOU DON’T NEED THE FUCKING HELP! YOU ARE NINE INCH NAILS! YOU ARE JAY-Z! What’s the point of reaching that level of artistic integrity only to SELL IT?

          How cool would it have been if Jay just took to twitter or whatever and said, “July 4th, Magna Carta Holy Grail” (sidenote: anyone else think Carta means Carter?) and left it at that. Then dropped a new album for the summer. THAT would’ve been pretty impressive. Or if Trent did the same. Just updated and said “Hey guys, we’re back, here’s a new album, sign up with our site to buy it exclusively from” I don’t think album sales would’ve been hurting. He did it with Ghosts, don’t see why he couldn’t hire a few people and do it again.

          I’ve been forced to change my harsh opinions on bands associating with companies over the years. For a band like Wilco, Grizzly Bear, M83, etc. selling their songs to a commercial, whatever, you could probably use the cash, as most people are stealing your album. I can level with that. But if you are what I consider a high ranking influence in music today, show some goddamn class.

          Anyone think Justin & Jay will “bump” each other pictures of the crowd at the Lords of Selling Out tour this summer? (Sorry Justin, guilty by association) Because you know the cell phone advertising will be out of this world at those shows. You think you can get a Jay-Z t-shirt with cell phone advertising on the back like it’s some free shirt you got from doing a 10k in your city? Barf.

        • “Woa dere Jay-Z’s a bitch!” – Big Sean, who was going to call himself Sean John first (taken by Did), then Lil Sean (too similar to Lil John).. before passing out with a lil… yawwwwwnnnn.. then waking up with a Eureka moment, shoutout Archimedes, sweety.

          Had to throw the rhymes in for u 4 old times sake. And dis Jay-Z again for new times’ sake. And Weezer were trying to do something with Hurley where you have to track that dude down rip off a follicle and press that b/w 2 cds for a file to appear on your computer. Too many lawyers.

    • We are talking about Jay-Z here.

    • Jay-Z is more of a business man than an artist at this point. He’s a partial owner of the Nets, he’s starting a sports management agency, he co-owns an upscale bar that will soon have locations in airports, he co-directs Budweiser Select’s marketing, he’s an executive producer for NBA 2K13, he sold those stupid fucking “Occupy All Streets” shirts without saying whether he supported the Occupy movement, etc. etc.

      Is this $20 million deal(!) with Samsung tacky? Yes. Does it cheapen his art in a way he should be probably be conscious of? Yeah. Am I surprised or disappointed? Not really. “Selling out’ isn’t really something he avoids, so I’m not going to hold him to the same standards as an indie band.

  3. It is a proud moment for me that a link to one of my articles not only didn’t get downvoted to shit, but actually made the top ten (soft week notwithstanding). So I want to thank you all, from the bottom of my humblebragging heart. If you wanna read about some more interactions I’ve had with famous musicians check this out.

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