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This week we reviewed new releases by Beck, Angel Olsen, and Lil Herb. We welcomed Jimmy Fallon and the RootsTonight Show, with its U2 and Arcade Fire performances, and we said goodbye to the Walkmen (again). Ryan reported from Mexico for My Morning Jacket’s One Big Holiday and Tom went to Canada to catch up with Fucked Up. Speaking of Fucked Up, they’ll play Stereogum’s SXSW party along with Cloud Nothings, Speedy Ortiz, Perfect Pussy, Mutual Benefit and others. Lorde performed with Disclosure at the BRITs and the Flaming Lips performed with Ben Folds at BLAM! And how about that Bonnaroo lineup? I might go just for the Lionel Richie/Deafheaven superjam. Your best and worst comments of the week are below, but first we will address a housekeeping issue…

The Stereogum staff values the community here as much as you do and we appreciate everyone’s right to his or her own opinions. However, we do have guidelines that are intended to keep the discussions civil. From time to time, we will block a user from commenting if he or she detracts from the experience. This mostly means people who repeatedly (i.e., after a second or third warning) post hate speech, threats, or obscene images. It also means we won’t tolerate commenters who harass the site’s writers. You can read our User Conduct rules on the Terms & Conditions page, but honestly you don’t have to if you just agree to use common sense and not be a jerk. Fair?



Rob Casper | Feb 18th Score:18

please please please give it up

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#9 honlads | Feb 18th Score:20

Michael, I see you on Twitter saying “…I get banned from commenting on Stereogum for having common sense.” This is clearly not why you were banned. You were banned for passive-aggressively (actually not that passive) insinuating that Tom should have his kids taken away for him. What is wrong with you?? Do you know how devastating that thought is for a parent???

“Sheesh, it’s like I’m already a better parent than the people who’ve had them for several years…”
Shut up, you know nothing.

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#8 timoneil5000 | Feb 17th Score:20

The best part of the new album is how a significant part of Beck’s income goes to support a kidnapping and extortion cult.

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#7 michael_ | Feb 14th Score:20

I, too, want to apologize for my comments in the post about story on Drake’s Rolling Stone Freakout. I completely support and agree with Rolling Stone replacing Drake on the cover with the legendary Phillip Seymour Hoffman, and at the same time, have to question why Rolling Stone couldn’t have averted the problem by delaying Drizzy’s cover for the next issue. Death is a scary thing, and I think a lot of people misinterpreted my comments to be insensitive and unsympathetic in regards to Mr. Hoffman and smoking family members, but I think the say, “I won’t stand by and watch you kill yourself doing that” is something to be considered, which actually come from a place of fear and love.

Yesterday I was forced into my character and felt the need to react swiftly. These days are the worst ones. Waking up after a terrible night of shoveling a foot of snow, the Americans at the Sochi games continuing to disappoint and it’s your day to be picked apart. After dwelling on it for a few hours or days you will come to the conclusion that you brought it on yourself almost every time. So here I am having that moment. I once again apologize to everybody who took my cover comments the wrong way. I respect Phillip Seymore Hoffman and Stereogum for being willing to give a kid from [REDACTED] a shot at the week’s Worst Comments. I guess this is a day to learn and grow.


The _

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#6 saturnian | Feb 20th Score:21

Considering how the last comment thread on this subject went down, why don’t we all just

Posted in: Conor Oberst Issues Statement About Rape Accusations
#5 mickrandom26 | Feb 18th Score:24

Perhaps people are crucifying you for being judgmental about someone you don’t know.

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#3 rubberjohnny0829 | Feb 19th Score:27

I thought I was their least favorite ‘Gum commenter!

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#2 Tom Breihan | Feb 18th Score:30

Damian’s kids were in school when I was with him. I certainly didn’t see him doing any neglectful parenting, and I’m pretty sensitive to that kind of thing. (Also, people without kids should not judge how people with kids deal with stress or anxiety. You have no idea. Just saying.)

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#1 Scott Lapatine | Feb 18th Score:44

Congrats, you’re banned.

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#5 michael_ | Feb 18th Score:-24

Why are the mentally ill even allowed to have children then, especially if causes them to seek out a dependency on some form of drugs? We’re over-populated as it is. When I think of all the perfectly healthy parents out there who are unable to and dying to have children, and then read a story about one that spends a bulk of his time getting stoned at a legal weed bar, it really just makes you want to kill yourself because it shows you how fucked up (pun not intended until I just wrote that) life and its irony is.

Posted in: High Anxiety: Behind The Scenes Of Fucked Up’s Fourth Album
#4 michael_ | Feb 18th Score:-25

You don’t need anti-depressants or weed to straighten out your head, by the way, Damian — Just some good old fashioned wellness discipline including a healthy diet and probably some form of daily physical activity. Otherwise, you’re perpetually living in a world where in order to function, you must be clouded by some substance as a crutch — be it the lame ones a doctor might prescribed or the “cool” ones all the “punx” will pat you on the back for endorsing. That to me is not solving the problem. It’s masking it. It’s exchanging one false hope addiction for another.

Posted in: High Anxiety: Behind The Scenes Of Fucked Up’s Fourth Album
#3 michael_ | Feb 18th Score:-25

I mean, technically, anyone could bring this post to the local D.S.S. of where both parties reside and let them handle it, as it’s hardcore evidence (pun not intended until I just wrote that) that there’s a possibility of two parents who are unfit to provide their children a safe environment based on their drug habits.

Posted in: High Anxiety: Behind The Scenes Of Fucked Up’s Fourth Album
#2 michael_ | Feb 18th Score:-26

I don’t smoke at all and probably never will, but I think it’s a really invalid argument to make that the person who doesn’t have a child themself can’t have an opinion on parenting. Maybe the reason these people making the criticism about what is and what isn’t good parenting have a few common sense lightbulbs in their head that tells them until they get all those bad habits out of their system, it isn’t time to take on the adult responsibility of rearing a child.

Call me crazy, but if I were a parent and knew another parent smoked up in their free time, I’d probably not trust that parent to watch my kid for a few hours or whatever.

Sheesh, it’s like I’m already a better parent than the people who’ve had them for several years…

Posted in: High Anxiety: Behind The Scenes Of Fucked Up’s Fourth Album
#1 michael_ | Feb 18th Score:-28

Lost interest in what I thought was going to be a very cool read as soon as I got to the second paragraph about weed and read about the author smoking up with the interviewee.

I understand drug culture exists widely in music, to each their own, cool whatever, but it’s troubling to me when it’s being flagrantly flaunted by two supposed “respectable” father figures still clinging onto their punk rock / college bro lives.


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johnnyfuckhead | Feb 16th Score:1

it was only on sale for a short period.

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Comments (107)
  1. With so much drama in the STG its kinda hard bein Doctor G O N Z but I somehow some way, keep coming up short on this list like every single day.

    • none of those favs and retweets are remotely aware of his tirades here. They are just relating to the general sentiment. So no, not really a coincidence. His twitter frankly frightens the shit out of me. He has been a very huge bully to people but always twists it into the world being against him. In the same hour he is posting an apology under a new account here, he is tweeting about how what he said was “valid criticism”. Legitimately psychotic. Shame he is against meds as he def seems like someone that would just be so much happier and together in life on an SSRI or something. It’s also a shame that the cool story about the Fucked Up album kinda got eaten up by the comments section.

      • This Fucked Up album better be worth all the headaches it caused me this week.


          (I’m sorry if you’re married or have an established g/f or whatever man. Just tryna’ turn lemons into pink lemonade na’mean?)

        • Every time someone says something mean about you on the internet, just pray to Cam'ron and it will feel better.— Damian Abraham (@leftfordamian) February 19, 2014

        • I apologize on his behalf. It was an outstanding article (like all the other long-reads on ‘Gum) that did not need to devolve into an argument on parents who smoke pot, or whatever the hell it was he was trying to argue.

          Keep up the outstanding work, Scott, and all the rest of the Stereogum staff. Here’s to the remainder of the year consisting of a lot less headaches!

        • I missed commenting on the original story (which was a great read BTW, comments-section drama aside), but I’m a parent of two myself and wanted to add my thoughts, hope no one minds if I comment here.

          First off, to be honest, I have to admit that I personally don’t think smoking “ungodly amounts of weed” is a good look for any parent. I’m sure I sound like a cliche, but I imagine that Tom (and any other parents out there) would agree that raising kids is HARD work; you seriously need to be on top of your game, especially when they’re young (I don’t know how old Damian’s kids are; mine are pre-school age). I can’t imagine how consuming large amounts of any mind-altering substance, even one as relatively mild as pot, wouldn’t have at least SOME effect on your ability to function as a parent. (I may be overly sensitive here because, without getting into detail, my twins are in a position where they need even more attention than the average kid, but anyway). Having said that, there’s obviously no way in the world that a couple of paragraphs about weed in an online feature are justification for labeling someone a negligent parent or suggesting that (god forbid) they should have their kids taken away. Hell, for all we know he left Vapor Central and went straight to a PTA meeting.

          Also, as heart-explodingly awesome as my kids are, as Tom said in his comment, they can definitely be a source of stress and anxiety. You’re making decisions every single day that will potentially affect them for the rest of their lives; you’ve got to have some outlet for dealing with that or you’ll just go batshit crazy. My stress-reliever of choice tends to be music (a good nap always helps too), but just because I don’t smoke pot, I’m not comfortable sitting in judgement of someone I don’t know at all just because he chooses to do so – god knows there have been times over the past few years where I could have used a joint!

      • Too bad he grew from troll to straight-up lunatic. For some reason he was tolerated here and he took it for granted. Now he sits alone in the dark whispering through clenched teeth, “you win, raptor jesus”

        • That transformation is nothing recent. He has been “banned” like 10 other times. Stereogum are the parents who threaten and threaten but never follow through. Miichael_ always wanted to be part of Stereogum’s staff because to him that would be a kind of public declaration that he is indispensable. What he may or may not realize is that Stereogum’s head honchos have already given him this validation and then some. He regularly contributes (however you want to read that) to the site, and no on here will ever truly ban him. He is arguably more valuable than an employee because he costs nothing to keep around and his posts ramp up traffic on this site. He will never be fired because he was never hired. He will never leave of his own accord because he can’t.

  2. That was a strange week. Save us St. Vincent!

  3. Dude went out in the middle of a streak of 2 lowest rated sweeps. Unheard of.

  4. OK everybody! Gather around because it’s time to MAKE BETS!

    We got a 4-way competition for “Stereogum Album of the Week” this coming Tuesday February 25th. It’s a Battle Royale with ScHoolboy Q vs. St. Vincent vs. Beck vs. Wild Beasts and it’s going to be a SHOWDOWN!

    I’ve only listened to half of the albums (Beck & Wild Beasts) and based on the St. Vincent comments, it seems neck and neck. Since Beck got Prematurely Eval’d we can rule that one out. My money is on ScHoolboy Q since Tom likes them rappers (me too!) and honestly, Oxymoron will end up being one of the best rap albums of the year.

    HOWEVER that Wild Beasts album? Been spinning that one on loop (the loop) and it is goooooooood. Like, sooooooooooooo goooooooooooood. Tom & Hayden are peaking in the vocal department and every song seems to have a lyric that STICKS with you for days.

    Either way, I think any pick will be great. We’ll all get mad that our favorite didn’t get picked, but hopefully we’ll all agree that going to our record store and buying copies of ALL OF THE RELEASES is the best way to settle the score.

    Now for the real crap shoot: how many BNMs will p4k give out next week? One every day? Or will S’Gum’s favorite [REDACTED] rip one of these new great albums? I’m thinking Q & WB are shoe-ins for BNM but those guys are crazy over there so IT’S ANYBODY’S GAME!

    Chime in! Vote or Diddy or show off dem’ double don titties!

    • St. Vincent, St. Vincent. That album is huge. It’ll probs be my AOTW anyway. It’s pretty tight between Beck(brilliant) and her, but I find myself tossing Ms Clark on more and more and more. Wild Beasts haven’t grabbed me yet, honestly they never have, but the day will come I’m sure. I have yet to sit down with Oxymoron.

      As for p4k, I’m like 80% sure Annie’s a lock for BNM. Two tracks already got BNT, and with that article from a few days ago, she’s in.

    • I’d go with Beck, on the fantastically silly grounds of having not heard and not really caring to hear any of the others.

      Also, because ho man do I love Morning Phase.

      Also also, I reallllly hope [REDACTED] tears Morning Phase apart, or at least tries to, because those reviews are the best. Like slowing down to look at a car crash.

    • I’m hoping for Schoolboy Q but I think its going to be St. Vincent.

      The TDE crew is on fire right now. I’m surprised Isaiah Rashad’s debut isn’t being talked about as much as it should be on here. I like it more than Oxymoron (at least right now) but that’s mainly because it has a more east coast feel than other Black Hippy releases which I’m kind of fascinated with.

      • Isaiah Rashad thank you. I wish there was a common abbreviation for the name Isaiah so I didn’t have to spend like 45 minutes sitting and trying to spell it. Like maybe AHHHHH RASHAD instead. so much easier

    • Wild Beasts FTW !!

      As for pitchfork, they recently made a cover story for St Vincent so BNM for sure, though I think Wild Beasts will get BNM as well.

    • What’s up with all the redactions?

    • Can I just tell everyone a story?

      I was at the local dive bar, where all of us super-cool kids drink Yuengling and 6 dollar PBR pitchers, talking to my friend Leo about music. But, not really about music — more about Pitchfork reviews of music. It was tantamount to what we’re doing here right now in this comment thread. Our friend Marianne came over to the table, and asked us what we’re talking about. We said, “You know, just music geek shit, whatever.” She said, “Oh yeah? Which bands?” Then we tell her we’re actually talking about the politics of music scoring and what albums we think are going to get BNMs and which ones aren’t. She scrunched her face and condescendingly giggled. She said, “Wait, so you’re not actually talking about music, but music reviews?”

      Marianne got up and left the table.

      Leo brushed it off, but for me, that moment lingered like must. We certainly weren’t talking about music, we were talking about the people who take the music and use it to create frivolous Internet numbers. Then you think about how not-so-frivolous those numbers are, seeing as to how sites like Pitchfork and Stereogum are worth a fucking fortune. And that’s just weird! It’s not that I don’t appreciate these sites, it’s just how the fuck did I go from listening to music because I love nothing else more on this Earth (except for maybe Final Fantasy) to listening to music so I can just tell people what I thought of it, or talk about what other people thought of it? That’s not what that shit’s for, homies. It’s just not.

      So the next morning, I decided to take these feelings and use them to get back on my grind as a musician and stop paying so much attention to the propagation of the holy music canon. I got out my M-Track and my bass and my synths and my mics and whatever else I had laying around from when I actually cared about that shit, downloaded some DAW software and just let whatever happen. I got a couple tracks out that I knew weren’t my best but I was still proud of. Put it on Bandcamp and shared it with my friends on Facebook, and most of them liked it. Matt Adams called me a hipster and said that the music “burned his Facebook feed” and then unfriended me, so that was funny. A girl I’m hopelessly insane for (and honestly trying to avoid) came up to me at the same bar weeks later and told me she loved it. I had people I don’t know telling me they liked it. I still feel shitty, though.

      Anyway, I’m not trying to plug anything, I just kind of wanted somewhere to write this.

      Most of you probably won’t pay any attention, and that’s totally okay, because I love you all the same.

    • St. V for sure.

      Also, Beck got a premature eval, so it’s technically out of the running, no? Regardless, Annie will get the nod.

    • I vote St. Vincent. That album is on a whole other level.

    • I think it’ll be Wild Beasts too, just because they’ve been quietest about it so far.

    • In my wildest dreams, I’d love for them to pick Neneh Cherry’s new album. It won’t be Beck, considering the Premature Evaluation.

      But my money is on St. Vincent. Even though they haven’t added it to “Heavy Rotation” yet. And who knows with Pitchfork. They could give them all BNM, or could troll us all and give them all 6′s. It’ll be an interesting read either way!

    • We are overdue for some new jams. St. Vinny for me.


    • I’ll probably get bashed for saying this (just because of the fact that it’s February), but I feel like we’re dealing with two very legitimate AOTY contenders with Beck and St. Vincent. Those albums are insanely great.

    • I’ll bet on Oxymoron. I didn’t really like Schoolboy Q before but was bored yesterday and gave this a listen and I’m converted. I haven’t really been a fan of Wild Beasts though each time I listen I like them more. Beck might be my favorite of the week (and year so far). I think St. Vincent delivers on the promise of the singles we heard before.

    • It should be Young Fathers’ “Dead”. That shit cray!

      But besides that my money is on St. Vincent because she has the name and the name is the game.

  5. lesson learned: don’t fuck wit tha shorties.

  6. Thanks again Editor-in-Chief, you always have my back.

  7. Does anyone else comment here and then later circle back a few times to check on your score? I do it sometimes, and it gives me these thoughts:

    1. I shouldn’t care, I don’t need the internet’s approval
    2. Whateva, who doesn’t like being meaninglessly validated?
    3. I hope this voting system isn’t changing the way I post
    4. I don’t think I like how easily my behavior is altered by a simple reward, like I’m in an undergrad psychology study
    5. I’m probably overthinking this

    If nothing else, I’m pretty sure being able to vote has driven up the number of comments, or at least coincided with it. And what music lover doesn’t enjoy a best/worst list?

    • I think #5 should cancel out #4 but let’s talk about #3 given its increased relevancy recently.

      Few ways to take #3:

      –You withhold from saying something overly negative otherwise you’ll be downvoted and potentially exiled (sound familiar?)
      –You stop and take time to think through what you’re saying so that it’s received as well as you intended

      I’ll stop right there as you can see the voting system at least has two instant purposes that weed out some cons and increase some pros. So whether you’re not saying something bad or saying something better, the fact it changes the way you post could be an overall positive.

      #2 could be applied to personal relations as well. When you go out with friends you know when things you say are well received or poorly received. Obviously it’s not as easy as looking at a number, but we develop a keen sense of observation to take note of our said “approval” even in normal human interaction. It goes back to the base human instinct to be a part of something bigger than ourselves. Approval is a way of feeling acknowledged and a gateway to being assimilated into something greater. Here at the ‘Gum we have a collective of like-minded music aficionados. Who doesn’t want to feel like they’re not the only ones LOVING a certain album or song at the moment?

      Which takes us back to #1. It’s a little unfair to refer to this bunch as “The Internet” as I feel we can be much more civil than certain dark corners of “The Internet” (recent behavior withstanding). Overall, no you shouldn’t care, but it’s weird that we do, doesn’t it?

      Indeed, ever since the inception of “Shut Up, Dude” this whole site went from a miniscule amount of comments (in relation to the now defunct Videogum [RIP]) to the levels we’re used to nowadays. It’s a way of saying, “Hey, if you’re going to comment here, make it count. Because we appreciate good comments like we appreciate good music.”

      or something.

      Yeah. #5

      • When you put it that way, this all sounds really noble. Or at least pretty fun. (Which it definitely is.) I still have this lingering (probably naive) stigma about it, but that might just be leftover distaste for the sometimes blatant attention/validation seeking in many other sites. We can definitely agree that this place is pretty fuckin’ great, and yet I can’t really blame pitchfork for forgoing the comment section entirely.

        So yeah, go us!

    • I live for the +.

    • For me, downvotes for personal convictions about artists or music serves to reinforce that I’m on the right track…or that I’m on the wrong track and need to give something/somebody more time. I was pretty relentlessly against Kanye West for instance, because I always interchanged his personality with his records. But then I listened to Yeezus, and enjoyed it. I loathed the misogyny and banal lyrics, but at least was able to think for myself and reevaluate something on my own terms. If I’ve ever slagged certain bands on the board (and gotten downvoted) then sometimes I’ve had to question that maybe I’m wrong and flat out ignorant in my distaste.
      Downvoting can also make people more civil. If you post obnoxious comments or are a music snob, a good old donvote an take the wind out of your sails. Upvotes don’t really matter to me as much, unless it’s a cool meme I’ve posted :P The whole upvoting/downvoting system can make one wiser and more tolerant of dissent I think. I just upvoted you by the way :p

  8. Sorry to bring it up, but I missed the initial smashdown, so here are my unasked for two cents.

    I genuinely feel sympathy for michael. It’s hard to deal with what has to be a serious depression that causes him to have so much anger and frustration. I often have it, too. But dude, if you’re still out there, reading – you really do need some help, because whatever you’re doing right now isn’t helping you. I hope that you don’t push people away in the same fashion in your life away from the computer, because (at least for me) the best thing I have is the people around me to support me when I’m weak.

    • Although, upon reading his attempt to prescribe “cures” for mental illness, I’m more than a little flabbergasted. Lecturing people on how to deal with their own mental illness when you clearly have such a poor grasp of your own? Woof.

  9. Listened to all of them, including my boy from Q school (SCHOOLBOY Q FYI) aaaaand St. Vincent uh no duh BNM, the real question is how BNM can a saint get?!! I think I would rate her Pope John Paul ^2. POTENTIAL saint in the making

  10. After reading all of these comments (half talking about the _ and half having intelligent conversations about music), I have to say that Stereogum is unlike any other blog. Everyone who is a part of the ‘Gum community — YOU ROCK.

  11. okay so i feel like this NEEDS to be addressed…the ridiculous leak off session this morning. Real estate followed by War on Drugs followed by Future Islands. DA F$%##$#????!??

    • It does need to be addressed. I’m really feeling all 3 records. Is it me or are leaks happening earlier than they usually do? Anyway it was nice.

      For the record, I download records illegally and if i find that i listen to it more than 2-3 times or come back to it after a week or so i buy it on vinyl and always direct from band or label. So i’m mostly not a bad person.

      • I don’t believe that leaks are necessarily happening earlier. In terms of highly anticipated releases by bands on independent labels, I usually expect an album to leak a month ahead of schedule (at the earliest) and I just assume that the leak most likely coincides with when that record was forwarded to journalists and/or college radio stations (After working for one for a few years, I expect they are the biggest culprits). Also, I would wager that labels and artists consider the previous correlation when deciding on when and who to send promotional albums to but are maybe less hesitant about it affecting record sales in a negative manner when weighing, for example, the additional promotion that could come with DJs at a college station falling in love with an album, playing it non-stop on the radio, spreading word of its awesomeness by mouth and social media, and eventually promoting the hell out of a show when that artists comes through that town/city/state. I might be wrong but that’s my take, and I guess that it’s pretty obvious that I miss being a college DJ…

    • Where are you getting those leaks from? Is still a thing and if so get someone give me an invite?

    • Good lord, too much is happening all at once for me to handle all at once.

    • Just finishing the first track of the new War on Drugs but HOLY SHIT, what a way to start an album!

    • Here’s my full review of the War on Drugs album: holy fuck.

    • OK fair warning to everybody:

      This new War on Drugs album is destined for CLASSIC status.

      “Under the Pressure” is the Track 1 of 2014 to beat.

  12. I can see that ol’ donny’s level D was sorely missed this week. Holy hell.

  13. UPDATE:

    Tom and I have agreed to let _ back on the site. He promises to be good. If this ends up being the wrong decision I’m sure you will let me know…

    • If there were any chance of Michael_ being banned from the site permanently, it would have happened a long, long time ago. Everyone knows that.

    • When he is being anywhere from posi to constructive he definitely adds to the discussion. That’s big of you and if he is good then it’s probably the right decision.

    • Why? I was surprised he hadn’t been banned sooner after he’s threatened to sue several other folks (myself included), harassing and bullying us all. Apparently he’s been banned before.

      Terrible terrible terrible (terrible) idea.

    • Well…where is he? Usually doesn’t take that long for him to chime in

    • Your site, your rules. I get that. But I don’t get how a music site for adults in 2014 had an actual conversation about whether parents can use marijuana and how that’s symptomatic of unhealthy management of mental illness. Being “good” is one thing. But _’s more of an unwanted distraction than anything else.

    • I wish that guy well, I really do, but it’s a bad enabling decision to let him back. Poor boundary keeping.

      He is so personality-disordered (I’m serious–look up Borderline Personality Disorder), and failing to maintain reasonable boundaries really lets him construct this whole victim narrative. It’s manipulative, it’s bullying, and above all, it contributes to further unhealthiness *for him*, when clearly he really needs help getting to a better place. This environment, where he is both the source of and the repository for so much mutual antagonism, is not the place for that to happen for him.

      • that one feller, Scott and others (myself included) have actually talked to Michael_ outside of the Gum forums, and kind of gotten to know him. He’s a good guy in a lot of pain. He’s not a straightforward dick or troll, just somebody who sometimes uses misguided judgment, and goes overboard sometimes. If Michael can play by the rules here, then let’s not throw out the baby with the bathwater. Michael is a gifted writer and music enthusiast and when he filters himself, adds a lot to the board.

        • Apparently he’s been banned a number of times. So he’s had more than his fair share of “chances.” I don’t care if he’s nice in person. Most of us don’t have the privilege of knowing him as a person, just an angry bully troll.

          Should he be banned? Shouldn’t he? The stereogum staff should just make a decision. But he’s a terrible presence and I personally don’t like how he treats me and others. Hence why I think he should be and remain being banned.

    • That’s cool and gracious of you guys. Michael_ is a good writer and genuinely has a passion for music. I’ve talked to him outside of the gum a few times and he’s a sincere down to earth guy who has a great ear for good music. I’m sure he realizes what he said was wrong and I genuinely hope he’ll respect those boundaries. His personal issues don’t give him a free license to harass Gum staff or cross the line like he did. That said, he’s one of the few members on the board here that genuinely know their music and (usually) adds to the conversation by provoking good points or counterpoints about a subject, (albeit when it’s not on the case of a Gum writer). Hope you play by the rules Michael_.

  14. Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see

  15. Good to see Michael_ #breakfree from his ban…

  16. You fail to click on just ONE story and look what you miss.

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