Shut Up, Dude: This Week’s Best And Worst Comments

For those of us that work in the Kanye Kontent (kk) industry, this week — this year, really — has been a fucking headache. Make up your mind, Yeezy! And stop tweeting! As Stereogum readers and Tidal subscribers are already aware, Tidal Livestream Of Pain The Life Of Pablo got its grand premiere at MSG yesterday. We sent Collin uptown to take it in and chill with Lamar Odom and Rosie O’Donnell. (Tragically he came back with no merch for his coworkers.) While we continue to wait for the official Pablo stream, there’s “30 Hours,” TMZ, and Kanye with Thugger on SNL tomorrow to keep us from getting distracted. Maybe a Grammys moment on the horizon, too. And if this album doesn’t drop tonight, continually refreshing your Twitter feed is a romantic way to woo your valentine this weekend.


#10  marko | Feb 10th Score:55

I assume Pablo is the name of Kanye’s laptop stealing cousin

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#8  Placenames | Feb 9th Score:56

The Laptop Owner’s Payback

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#6  blochead | Feb 10th Score:58

Nothing says “2016” like calling somebody “Current GOAT” and asking “running out of gas?” in a single three week period.

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#5  inthedeadofknight | Feb 9th Score:62

Greatest album name of the ever.

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#4  inthedeadofknight | Feb 11th Score:63

An exclusive photo of some of the models getting ready back stage:

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Dan Davis | Feb 8th Score:64

It’s like white America has just discovered Beyonce is black, and they’re really not happy about it.

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#2  mickrandom26 | Feb 9th Score:69

The Loss of Patience

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#1  kenthewolfboy | Feb 5th Score:85

Tom’s sitting at his desk thinking of wild hyperboles for his premature evaluation like

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Zakir Kannur | Feb 10th Score:-21

“Eriel Indigo is a recording artist, creative director and activist from northern California. Check out her music on soundcloud.”

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Nader Nasser | Feb 9th Score:-21

ciara is such a gold digging whore

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#3  frederick fox | Feb 9th Score:-26

Commenting on the drug price hike is a tad bit hypocritical of Ghost considering the absurd price of the Wu-Tang album; obviously one is much more important than the other, but the point remains. Shkreli is an outwardly expressive asshole, but he is not unique in his taking advantage of the ability to raise prices in order to attain massive profits in the Big Pharm world.

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#2  almotasim | Feb 9th Score:-28

He’s innocent until proved guilty, right? Where’s the beef, then?

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#1  stereogummer | Feb 9th Score:-92

White guy does this, a whole thinkpiece if written about

Black guy does, “ugh”

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Rivers Cuomo | Feb 9th Score:5

dude, the record is unbelievably great, IMHO

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