Jay Rock – “Wow Freestyle” Video (Feat. Kendrick Lamar)

Jay Rock is well on his way to releasing a music video for every track on his latest studio album, Redemption, which came out in June. We’ve seen clips for “Rotation 112th,” “OSOM,” “ES Tales,” “The Bloodiest,” “Win,” “Tap Out,” and “King’s Dead” already. That’s a lot of freakin’ videos!

Most of them are pretty simple, but Jay Rock has a good track record with picking directors that will make the most low-key visuals pop, and his newest one is no exception. Directed by Jack Begert, the new clip for “Wow Freestyle,” his Redemption track featuring Kendrick Lamar, features the two rappers driving around in a car and in the center of a massive crew, wrapping up at a late-night baseball field where someone runs through with their shoes on fire.

Watch below.

Redemption is out now.