Shut Up, Dude: This Week’s Best And Worst Comments

Today I’ve been listening to a lot of Soul Asylum, especially their ’95 album Let Your Dim Light Shine. “Just Like Anyone” — aghh, what a great song. Soul Asylum were underrated. If I was on Pitchfork’s Over/Under and they asked about Soul Asylum, I would be like “underrated.” Remember “Can’t Even Tell” from the Clerks soundtrack? Great song. I’ve had a headache all day (not Soul Asylum’s fault I don’t think) so this is not my finest intro blurb. Your best and worst comments of the week are below.



Aaron Eli Falconzord Cobb
Score:39 | Jan 31st

This is way more interesting of a saga than her relationship with Pete.

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#8  generic orange soda
Score:39 | Jan 30th

In fairness those grills are pretty cool.

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#7  saul wright
Score:42 | Jan 28th

As someone named Jeremiah, this is one of my most-hated songs.

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#6  blochead
Score:42 | Jan 30th

These men are pushing 70 years old

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#5  dafs
Score:43 | Jan 31st

A week from now, Ariana Grande is going to look like the protagonist of Memento.

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#3  LEYG
Score:49 | Jan 31st

« Small Charcoal Grill, Finger *Heart* » sounds like a collaboration between Kid Rock and Grimes

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#2  storkknees
Score:62 | Jan 31st

You misspelled 10/10.

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#1  storkknees
Score:77 | Jan 28th

Maroon 5 ‘s music is so boring, they almost sound like if mayonnaise was an instrument.

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#5  CowboyDan
Score:-10 | Jan 25th

Never thought I’d see the day that “innocent until proven guilty” was a controversial or extreme statement. This has gotten out of control, and this snake will eventually eat itself.

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#4  Skunt
Score:-12 | Jan 25th

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David Bowers
Score:-12 | Jan 26th

Another reason NOT to watch. Guess they have to make room for all the politicizing. I used to love to watch but not in recent years. Getting less desirable each year. I can read the results online.

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#2  byers
Score:-14 | Jan 29th

Reading beer reviews by people who clearly don’t know the first thing about beer is almost as infuriating as reading Tom Breihan’s number ones column.

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#1  Skunt
Score:-21 | Jan 25th

I’m not real familiar with how prison works but you’d probably need more than just a snarl face to keep the other inmates away from those man boobs.

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Score:22 | Jan 29th

Lou Loubega is where I get all my yoga pants

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