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#10  Decatur Or
Score:40 | Sep 8th

(Natalie Portman voice) “The cover of this song will change your life.”

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#9  Geez Wiz
Score:41 | Sep 7th

The essential moment is when it ends.

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#8  thepiratepenguin
Score:45 | Sep 8th

Mac DeMarco covering Nickelback is just about the most Mac DeMarco thing ever.

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Score:48 | Sep 5th

Hope one of our high rolling stereodonors has Tom reviewing this one

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#6  mt58
Score:52 | Sep 4th

A Thing I Learned This Week:

As they might have said in my old neighborhood: “Some of doze guys wicked hate us.”

Last Friday night, we saw another in an occasional series of microaggressions from a few of our sisters and brothers down the hall at Shut Up, Dude. Many of you replied to a Monday query about it, as posed by Shocker. And you went on a bit of a tear. It deserves a little shout-out.

I think I’ll do it as a tribute to Zynira Zylinsky, the poor kid from third grade. She was ordinally unlucky. So, in honor of my ponytailed classmate, in reverse alphabetical order, let’s hear it for the post-game analysis provided by friends virgindog, thegue, StubNewell, SrCarto, sooth, Rosstone3000, RJ1313, R2, Pauly Steyreen, newmoonson, Neville The Devil, Maadlus, Lovethisconcept, Love the 70s, Link Crawford, LakeshoreLil, kingoftunesSF, Justice, Jilly Boal, Jamie Patrick, jackunderscore, i-bear, Guy K, franciskeats, Brigita, ArchieLeech, and 77 ÷ 17.

You good folks defended our squad with zeal. Atta weird, wonderful – and feisty commenters. Cue the inspirational movie soundtrack of your choice.

Sometimes in life, things just take their own course. Scott and Tom are clearly brilliant business people and writers, but I would imagine that even they may be surprised at the odd evolution of this place. Because they have (so far, anyway) permitted it, the choice of what to do around here seems to be up to us. Two schools of thought:

1: Here’s the deal: Author Tom Breihan writes and posts a review of A Number One Record. We Just Discuss The Number One Record. No tangential clutter. Stick to the subject at hand.

2: Or… in addition: continue to effusively welcome new people, encourage each other’s efforts, populate the section with chart-centric quality content, such as related comedy, think pieces, fond memories, and creative serial features. Strive for kindness, mutual respect, and overall excellence. Do whatever we can to make this a vibrant and unique pop music, pop culture, and an all-are-welcome kind of a place, in a too-often divisive world.

Option two is what seems to set off the fireworks among some other commenters on this website. I completely respect that point of view. In all sincerity: I wish that they would join in on the fun. I’m 100% positive that we could learn something from them. Everyone has something to offer.

And when the generational card is played? I think the idea that this is solely a “retired boomer” enclave is wildly exaggerated, and frankly, a lazy and pointless argument. From 8 to 98, anybody who gets involved here has a common denominator: we love music. Some of our most prolific and beloved commenters are still in school or recent graduates. Others represent Gens X, Y, Z, α, and so on. We’re very lucky to have all of them.

I’ll wrap it up by blatantly stealing from one of our very best friends: Stobgopper, (whose daily presence and stellar writing are sorely missed; we really do hope that you are well.) Perhaps on general hiatus, but taking the time to chime in beautifully on Monday:

“Critics be damned; fly the TNOCS flag proudly.”

I’m on it. Hope all of you are, too. We’ll all meet at the base of the flagpole.

– It’s a long weekend in the States; have as much of a blast as life now permits. Please be careful, take good care of yourselves and each other…

… and good on you all.

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#5  Bobby_Draper
Score:54 | Sep 9th

“sry i sht u. hope u good. xo”

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#4  voodoo chili
Score:57 | Sep 9th

idk this seems like one of those things that would be at least worth a phone call

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#3  thatsmyboye
Score:82 | Sep 8th

look at this photograph

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#2  dansolo
Score:83 | Sep 5th

Can we revote for song of the summer?

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#1  dototto
Score:98 | Sep 8th

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#5  roland1824
Score:-19 | Sep 9th

You make it sound like this is all she is known for. She’s hardly “spewing”. A divine belief in the infallibility of science doesn’t make it so. Everything is percentages and odds. Your beliefs may get some other random poor bastard killed.

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#4  roland1824
Score:-21 | Sep 9th

Using science in a dogmatic way as if it is religion – on both sides of issues – is one of the many things currently ruining our planet.

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#3  worrywort
Score:-22 | Sep 9th

if he’s the boss i quit….

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#2  roland1824
Score:-22 | Sep 9th

Don’t get the virus, problem solved.

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#1  blochead
Score:-23 | Sep 9th

Just when I’m positive 2020 couldn’t possibly get any worse….


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Score:29 | Sep 8th

I didn’t anticipate when I woke up this morning that we’d get to hear Eva Hendricks chanting “This shit is bananas! B-A-N-A-N-A-S!” this afternoon, but here we are. Made my whole fucking day, and also prompted me to finally register an account here so I could thank everyone involved in bringing this delight to my eardrums during the continuous dumpster fire that is 2020. Thank you! Hello! Hi!

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