New Second Wave Emo Festival Best Friends Forever Announces 2024 Lineup

New Second Wave Emo Festival Best Friends Forever Announces 2024 Lineup

In recent years, we’ve seen tons of music festivals devoted to specific, nostalgic music genres: The bloggy indie rock party Just Like Heaven, the gothy ’80s alt-rock fest Cruel World, the recently-announced classic-punk marathon No Values. A generous handful of those festivals call Las Vegas home: The pop-punk/MySpace emo throwback When We Were Young, the R&B/hip-hop celebration Lovers & Friends, the nü metal/goth/industrial jumble Sick New World. Now, a new Vegas-based festival will focus, with surgical precision, on the bands who existed at the intersection point of emo, post-hardcore, and indie rock in the ’90s and early ’00s. I feel like the lineup for the inaugural Best Friends Forever festival is targeting me personally, and I am not remotely upset about that.

The first Best Friends Forever goes down 10/11-13 at the Downtown Las Vegas Events Center, and Bright Eyes will share headlining duties with reunited emo pioneers Sunny Day Real Estate and Cap’n Jazz. (For Cap’n Jazz, who initially broke up in 1995, this appears to be their first show since 2017.) The rest of the bill is full of veterans, many of whom could’ve been pulled straight from an early-’00s Michigan Fest or MacRock lineup, including the Jesus Lizard, Unwound, the Dismemberment Plan, Built To Spill, American Football, the Get Up Kids, Jawbox, Pinback, the Murder City Devils, Braid, Karate, Hot Rod Circuit, Rainer Maria, Piebald, Everyone Asked About You, and the Anniversary.

Most of those bands have broken up and reunited at various points, and for many of them, this will be their first show in a while. The Jesus Lizard are also on the No Values lineup, but other than that, they haven’t played since 2019. It’ll be the first Dismemberment Plan show since 2014 and the first for Rainer Maria since 2018.

The lineup also has tons of more-current bands who are musically and spiritually aligned with the veteran acts, and you could have a great time just watching the newer bands. That list includes Algernon Cadwallader — who are also reunited, but who come from a different generation — as well as Mannequin Pussy, Drug Church, Momma, Fiddlehead, Foxing, La Dispute, Sweet Pill, From Indian Lakes, Pool Kids, Vs Self, Home Is Where, Form Of Rocket, Recover, Worlds Worst, Hello Mary, Bug Bath, Rocket, Phony, and Boyfriend Sushi Town. This festival looks fucking awesome. You can find all the relevant details here.

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