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This week we watched Arcade Fire on SNL (and after SNL). We ranked U2′s best albums and St. Vincent’s best songs. We recommended new releases from HAIM and Meek Mill. We looked at the emo revival and the monogenre. Thom Yorke blasted Spotify and some lady insulted Fiona Apple. And Sinead O’Connor revived the lost art of letter writing. Here are your best and worst responses to many of those things, but not the Sinead O’Connor thing because we didn’t blog about that…


#10 KiDCHAIR | Oct 1st Score:17

…or Yeezus?

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#9 frog oracle | Oct 1st Score:17

Funny story: I was recently at a karaoke party in Manila, and I sang “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For” (badly), and when I was done, I realized an awed hush had fallen on the room. And then somebody said, “That song was beautiful. What was it?” And I was like, “Uh…” So if you hear that 80′s U2 is blowing up in the Philippines anytime soon, you know who to thank.

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#8 michael_ | Sep 30th Score:18

(No mention how last week’s Album of the Week piece here on Stereogum spent a majority of the time focusing in how Mayberry was CHVRCHES meal ticket to success because she was the pretty female up front, and someone called the writer out on it for this exact reason.)

Posted in: Read Chvrches Singer’s Op-Ed On Online Misogyny

Kyle Culbert | Sep 27th Score:21

It’s never good when “The Drakeography: The 100 Best Drake Songs” isn’t your worst Drake related piece of the week.

Posted in: Drake-ing Bad: The Aubrey Graham/Walter White Connection

Craig Freeman | Sep 27th Score:22

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Kanye West is a national treasure.

Posted in: Kanye West Is Really Pissed At Jimmy Kimmel

Devin Tydides Bambrick | Oct 3rd Score:22


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#4 alexjb | Sep 30th Score:22

The beat on lonely just paid my taxes

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#3 oblivion | Sep 27th Score:23

This is seriously one of the most stupid and pointless think pieces I’ve ever read on Stereogum.

Also according to a friend of mine from Toronto who has mutual friends with Drake, the guy’s always been a cocky douche bag, he just presents his wimpy character to us.


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Sam Nabors | Oct 1st Score:24

But what does this have to do with Drake?

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#1 crania americana | Sep 27th Score:50

May I suggest the following thinkpieces:

- F is for Drake: The Aubrey Graham/Orson Welles Connection
- Drake Boss: The Cake Boss/ Aubrey Graham Connection
- Top of the Drake: Aubrey Graham, Jane Campion, and Patriarchy
- Drake, Rattle, and Roll: How Aubrey Graham is Redefining Rock and Roll
- I’ve Made a Huge Misdrake: The Arrested Development of Aubrey Graham
-”I’m cold and I am shamed, lying [Drake]d on the floor”: Celebrating 16 Years of Natalie Imbruglia’s “Torn,” Which is Basically a Drake Song, When You Think About it.

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#5 Chris DeVille | Sep 27th Score:-9

I mean, we’re talking about one of the most popular and influential musicians in the world here — and one of the best, I’d argue — and one who has been influenced by (and has influenced) a lot of indie acts that are this site’s bread and butter. No reason not to throw a lot of attention his way on the week of his big album release.

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#4 isuckhard | Oct 1st Score:-11

that over-the-top praise for a rapper I’ve never heard of is a real turn-off. What if I don’t like it? Skip…

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#3 miguelito1 | Oct 2nd Score:-12

I guess ppl will buy anything w/ synth drums these days. She ugly and boring.

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Michael Link | Oct 3rd Score:-14

Shut up you whiny club kid, oh wait your over 40 and just think your a club kid….well…shut up anyway. God, I’ve lost so much respect for Yorke.

Posted in: Thom Yorke Expands Upon Anti-Spotify Statements

Colin Pate | Oct 1st Score:-15

Uh, no. Aside from the singles, Actung Baby is kinda boring. Unforgettable Fire at #1.

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Blake Peterson | Oct 1st Score:13

A few years back, in DC (during the ‘Vertigo Tour’) – I had the chance to chat with Bono a bit before his show. I had the chance to ask him why “Pop (the album) gets slagged off so much” … he went on for a bit about it wasn’t as polished, etc etc… [I'm paraphrasing a bit here] then I said to him – but that’s what gave “your electronic album” a degree a humanity that would have been completely absent…

then Bono’s mouth dropped in a total sense of shock, put his hands on my shoulders – stared me dead in the eye said “oh my God, you HAVE to tell the Edge that. I’m not sure if he’s going to come by now, but tell him exactly what you told me”

… there’s a bit more to the story, but I did get to see Bono doing a SPOT ON Monty Python Impression (the ‘blessed are the cheesemarkers part in “the Life of Brian”) – and I was invited to the ‘after party’ that was at his hotel.

…what was nuts about the ‘after party’ (after the concert) was how much Bono remembered about specific performances from tours (and well, how much he clearly didn’t want to do the Bono-schtick with the ‘movers and shakers’ at this other event). He asked what shows I’ve seen before, one of them was Baltimore (on the ATYCLB Tour) – as soon as I mentioned that show, he was like “oh yea, we played a different version of “Please” then)…

this went on through the night, until I was like OK – I have to leave now, before I say something stupid.

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  1. So, does this mean we’re cancelling Draketober?

  2. Thanks for all of your hot love and emotion, everybody.

  3. Just curious, what happened to The Week in Music Writing? I loved that one, more than most overwrought Deconstructings at least.

    • I love the Deconstructings, overwrought or otherwise. Opens up some great debates that are worth having I think.

      • Yeah I’m probably too cynical for my own good sometimes. I definitely wish the sunday afternoon look around the internet was back though.

      • I’ll be writing one called “Deconstructing Chris DeVille.” It’s shaping up to be a fascinating look at Tom’s premier protege and digital-fluff purveyor. I’ve interviewed his family and friends, the five guitar bands left after the Great Rockpocalypse he predicted a week ago, and also the multitudes of emo rockers that sprung up just in time for this week’s most popular piece. An inside source claims that, privately, Chris only listens to hardcore steel-drum ensembles.

        • Liz Pelly also handles The Media, where she recently posted that she would be taking off for Europe for awhile sometime this fall after leaving Boston, and eventually circling back to NYC permanently, so I am going to expect either even less content come Saturday or Sunday or they’re going to bring in Miles Bowe more often as the weekend ringer. Miles Bowe is quality. Everything he writes about is usually music I’d write about as well.

          Truthfully, I really miss Michael Nelson having more of a posting presence here before he got promoted and Chris Deville got hired full-time and took over his spot. I don’t want to bash the guy, but he’s had one of the rockiest starts I’ve witnessed over the years. Not sure who has been thinking up and assigning the stories he’s been writing, but they’re just stretching it a little too hard. It’s like, “Okay, who has a new album coming out this week, what Deconstructing angle we can spin on it and how can we make it seem like it’s the sign of a permanent shift in music trend?” That Drake / Breaking Bad piece should be erased from whatever server Stereogum is housed on. As for that emo article, the surplus of criticism in the comments section speak for themselves and being frankly honest as someone who has been following the “revival” for the past few years, the bands he chose to represent were such a mish-mash of unrelated styles with some that are really good and some that are not all that great and probably won’t amount to much.

          Pouring one out for Amrit and Corban…

          • Insightful and necessary post.

            I’ll second Miles Bowe’s High Quality posts. I love reading what he writes about songs and music videos. It usually gets me super hyped for whatever I’m about to hear/watch. Plus his recent write-up of “Here Comes The Night Time” is basically some voodoo/seer/weirwood-gazing future visions. We will all soon know that song as the Truth & The Light in due time.

            I’ll also second that final sentence

  4. Blake, so many burning questions:
    1.) How did you just happen to meet Bono before one of his shows on the Vertigo tour?
    2.) In what context was the Monty Python impression? How did the conversation get to that point?
    3.) Did you ever get to tell The Edge this? If so, what did he say?
    4.) What was the party like? Did everyone have to wear sunglasses?
    5.) Did Bono smell nice?

  5. Awesome story, Blake. Bono gets a lot of hate. Here in Ireland he divides people more than protestantism and catholicism these days. But I think a lot of the hate is probably unwarranted.

    I know a man who went to school with the four members of the Hype. Said they were famous around school, but also were just genuinely nice people.

  6. I am here at anyone’s service to defend my condemnation of that writer’s writing and that writer as a person. Proceed.

    • You didn’t get down-votes because of your criticism towards Tom’s writing. You got down-votes for your child-like dismissal of a rapper you apparently have never heard of (you’ve seriously never heard of Danny Brown?)

      You just look like a moron.

      • Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see

        • So let me get this straight:

          You were making yourself vulnerable by not taking the risk of listening to a free streaming song. The risk? What? Vulnerable? Vulnerable by NOT taking a risk?

          At this point this must be trolling.

  7. My favorite part of the week was everyone freaking out about the emo coverage, both here and elsewhere. Ian Cohen even referenced a tweet of mine where I questioned his sincerity. You know this whole emo “revival” is legit, because people are getting territorial about the bands just like they did back in the day.

    • One more thought on this: There are a lot of people unfairly getting up in arms about this who shouldn’t be, and those are the people who think they’re owed some sort of gold star for clinging onto emo even when it wasn’t cool. Now, I’m not talking about those of us who began listening to bands like Joie de Vivre and The World Is… three years ago (because that’s how long this new wave has been around) but rather just the people who got into emo in the late ’90s and very early ’00s, never expanded their horizons from there, never stopped dressing in the style they dressed in back then and so on. They’ve been listening to Diary and End Serenading for the past decade-plus and have no clue who Arcade Fire are and refuse to even give them a chance. They’re stuck at Jimmy Eat World’s mainstream peak, and that’s as far forward as they’re willing to go.

      It reminds me of several months back when all of these big web sites began focusing in on the Western Mass scene and at first, they made a lot of lazy comparisons to Dinosaur Jr. and calling it a “’90s alternative revival.” My old blog would get a bunch of e-mails from older dad-type bands from WMass influenced by Mission of Burma and the Pixies, and it was apparent they were trying to take advantage of the buzz in an attempt to get a second chance.

      The problem is that the music they were making was more akin to a cover band and not so much progress. Keyword: Progress. It’s like when the guy who came of age during the ’80s never got the memo to stop wearing tapered jeans, slept on wide leg in the ’90s, slept on boot cut during the turn of the millennium but oh wait! Skinny jeans came back again, and all of a sudden he wants people to think he’s been stylish all along.

    • I’m sure it was well written, but I never approach anything with the weird ‘emo’ in it…

  8. Has a Stereogum contributor ever been in the bottom 5? Or is Chris the first?

  9. So I happened to read Sinead’s letter before Miley’s response. I crawled back into bed going, “That was nice of her to stand up for that talentless hack.”

    Then I saw my friends had retweeted Miley’s reaction and I was stunned. I don’t know why. I suppose Sinead’s letter made me think for five seconds that Miley wasn’t as horrible a person as we’d all figured. Turns out Sinead was as wrong as me.

    I just saw that third letter and I’m glad Sinead shifted her tone. Seriously, fuck Miley. It’s not like we weren’t WARNED by Bill Hicks when he went off on her father in one of his best bits: “Let’s Hunt & Kill Billy Ray Cyrus”

    “It’s a fairly self-explanatory plot. Each week we let the hounds of hell loose and we chase that jar head, no talent, cracker asshole all over the globe. Til I finally catch that fruity little ponytail of his in the back. Pull him to his knees, put a shotgun in his mouth like a big black cock of death. BOOOOSHH.”

    If only you guys.

    If only…

  10. New collabo ideas:

    Aubrey LaHaim: A real attention-getting outfit whose music videos all entail people too old to be at their bar mitzvahs.

    Burned Chvrches: A black metal remix album by Varg Vikerenes whose songs are meditations on love found and lost always metaphorized by the incineration of a center of Christian Worship.

    Lorde & Taylor: A spare synth pop group comprised of 16-year-old New Zealand up-and-comer Ella Yelich-O’Connor and the ironic, possibly unironic inclusion of Taylor Hanson’s third verse from “Mmmbop” (“Plant a seed, plant a flower, plant a rose/You can plant any one of those/Keep planting to find out which one grows/It’s a secret no one knows/It’s a secret no one knows/ Oh, no one knows”) as the lyrics to every song. With Lorde repeating “Ohhhhh, no one knows” over and over and over.

  11. yay! I finally made it! I have so many people to thank, first and foremost whiny over the hill club kids who cry about Spotify…

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